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    Suppression List Support

    Thank you
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    Affiliate Network integration

    It would be amazing if Mumara could go into the Affiliate networks and pull offers. Most of the networks use the same tracking platform. In theory, you could write everflow, hasoffers and cake modules and cover almost 100% of the networks.
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    Suppression List Support

    I would like to request that suppression lists be supported in MD5, SHA-256 and Sha-512.
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    TLD inboxes with Mumara classic and Spamboxes with Campaign +

    Hello Wasif, We have a setup with 10 IPs. We are using this setup to mail a single TLD. The strange thing is that when we mail the TLD with Mumara classic every message inboxes and when we mail with Campaign + every message spamboxes. I would love to share the headers with you and work...
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    PMTA 5 integration

    Does that mean that Mumara Campaigns integrates with no issues?
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    MD5 Suppression lists

    Does Mumara handle MD5 suppression lists?
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    PMTA 5 integration

    Hello i am trying to add a new PMTA 5 server to Mumara, but I keep getting the following or Depending on if ssl is enabled. All the old pmta integrations are older versions and they show data on sends and deliveries. I would like to know if the problems is our configuration or the version of...