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    Email Marketing and Automation

    For this, either you'll need to create a web form in Mumara and embed it into your website or integrate your already created form with Mumara over API and push data to Mumara. And then setup drips and triggers to send emails automatically.
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    Affiliate Network integration

    Hello, Mumara is already integrated with these affiliate network programs. However, they will be developed sooner or later in Mumara as currently we have alot of enhancements in pipeline which are being developed by the Dev Team and are yet to get live in the system. Thankyou
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    Today's Date Formatting

    Hey Chris, This option is already in queue with the Dev Team to get it done. It will be ready and will get live very soon in the future updates. Moreover, we will be setting it up with more enhancements to serve our clients in a more better way. Thankyou
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    How to stop campaign after reply?

    Are you referring to the drip campaign or a normal broadcast?
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    Start a campaign with conditions

    Currently, you can do post scheduling on the basis of your time calculation. However, in future we will automate this through our system's robust triggers. We will be considering this feature in our future upgrades very soon. Stay tuned...!
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    TLS not found on PMTA configuration

    You need to add it via Mumara UI then it will not get removed as in ESP it rewrites the PMTA config after specific intervals so anything you change in PMTA config will get overwritten so it would be better if you can update it using Mumara UI.
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    Dynamic Content Tag (empty value)

    We are launching another update within this week in which this will be included previously was a big release so we havent included all the fixes. So in the next upcoming update this will be included.
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    Dynamic Content Tag (empty value)

    This feature is yet to be built in Mumara. We are launching a new update very soon in upcoming next week which will include alot of exceptional handling on these cases. Your's has already been included in it. So just wait for the new update to get launched.
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    Access Denied and 404 Error on trying to add a contact through API

    Hi, It seems like your server is using PHP on CGI/FastCGI which is removing the authorization from the headers that's why it shows Access Denied or 404 error. There is a very simple way out for this issue, you just have to use API Token of your Mumara as a param while using API to add a...
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    Unsubscribe Link (%%unsubscribelink%%) Doesn't Work

    Hello Brooks, I have tried the same case on a test installation and I havent seen such issue on my installation. Can you please provide us your Mumara login credentials it needs to be checked in your case specifically. Please also ensure that you are having the latest version of Mumara-Classic...
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    List Segments Not Sending

    Hey Brooks, I have tried to reflect this issue on a test installation and I havent faced such a problem at all my scheduled campaign on a segmented list goes successfully . Can you please ensure that you are having the latest version of Mumara-Classic. If the issue still persists please get...
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    Campaign doesn't send, why?

    I have tried to reflect this issue on a test installation and I havent faced any problem the test campaign scheduled using mailgun sending node has been completed and I have received the test emails as well. Please ensure that you have configured the mailgun sending node correctly. Enclosed is...
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    Can't upload images

    Can you please let me know where are you trying to upload the image? I just tried to reflect it on a test installation and there was no issue in uploading an image in a broadcast. Secondly please also check if size of the image you are trying to upload is not higher than the limit defined at...
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    Update did not updated

    You have to enable 'allow_url_fopen' and 'allow_url_include' in your PHP ini settings and then try to run the upgrade it will get upgraded. Please ensure that both of these directives have been enabled before executing the upgrade function.
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    How to setup Hard and soft bounces Setup?

    Hannah, MUMARA comes with some default custom bounce rules please have a look on them and let me know if there is any query I will be happy to assist in this regard. Thankyou