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    When are you going to retire ioncube?

    We haven't launched the PHP 8 edition. It's undergoing development, and we are still on PHP7.x, so we will continue with the ioncube for some time.
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    Broadcast to Drip?

    @andrewmolt You can't throttle drip campaigns or can't limit the number of emails to be sent as it's based on the criteria. As soon as the criteria are met, the recipient receives the drip. Either the criteria is just the timespan/delay whether it includes segmentation as well. So if you want to...
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    Info Mumara Campaign Scheduler

    it has been already pipelined. Should be added sometime soon!
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    There is no way to set a total quota, not monthly

    We have an ongoing development for the ESP version, and this feature was already included.
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    When are you going to retire ioncube?

    We'll probably be shifting to sourceguardian if there is no news from ioncube by the end of July.
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    I want to Create Drip Campaigns By API

    The API to add a drip to the drip group should be launched soon. And a trigger can be initiated when a contact is added and qualifies segment criteria. So you'll need to create a segment with specific field values and then add a trigger on it that should start the drip group.
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    Drip Campaigns

    Dear Joe, the issues have been reported to the dev team. In my case, the sequential sorting seems to be working but I was able to reproduce your issue and it has been reported and fixed already. The new fixes should be packaged with the next update.
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    Today's Date Formatting

    @defalet223 please open a new thread.
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    Today's Date Formatting

    So when you'll set the date format in the settings, it will be applied globally i.e. wherever you see the date within the application, plus the email content and yes it will be converted in the UTM params as well. So if you set e.g. January 15, 2023, the same format will be used everywhere.
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    Today's Date Formatting

    Just to update you both, this feature has already been developed but still, a part of development is left. So it's going to be an option under user profile settings where he can set the date/time format that will be replicated throughout the application i.e. GUI and the Emails. I expect it to be...
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    Affiliate Network integration

    Just to clear Rehan's message. Mumara isn't yet integrated with these affiliate networks but we already have a couple of major affiliate networks pipelined for the integration that should be done sometime soon. We are already working on pixel integration as well that will let you track any...
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    Bulk Import Using Artisan Commands

    Sorry for the late reply @christophere2 as I have been traveling for the past two months. I am adding this to our API pipeline so you should be able to import the lists via API.
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    There is no way to set a total quota, not monthly

    I see, will add it to the pipeline.
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    Add UTM Parameters to All Links in Broadcast

    I have pipelined it!
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    There is no way to set a total quota, not monthly

    @phanchin monthly quota is already there. Are you saying you were not able to find the monthly quota?