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    API, Webhook

    What do you mean by live webhooks? You can use Zapier, as well as we have hooks documentation here
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    Customer Replies Webhook

    @BobbyP I would still suggest you shift to Mumara Campaigns as it's a more updated edition, and we have ongoing updates. You can talk to the team to switch your license. You can do this to achieve your requirements. Create a segment based on a profile field value, e.g., where stopdrip is 0...
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    [Hiring] Urgent: Need Expert Assistance in Transferring 25 MTA Accounts from MailWizz to Mumara PRO Edition

    @starling as the error states Spoof sender email [email protected] is not allowed, it means your MTA is blocking the delivering from It mostly happens when the SPF fails. You need to add all possible sending IPs to the SPF of to qualify this error. You can also add me to...
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    Paid Setup

    @BobbyP If you have a VPS or server, you can also avail of the installation service from the Mumara team. Almalinux 8.x is suggested. You can submit a ticket and share the following details. - Server IP and root password - Domain/subdomain name that you have to use Ensure your domain/subdomain...
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    Duplicate Link

    Dear Cleber, I would advise you to do the following steps. 1. Go to your sending domains page, and edit the sending domain. Try turning on/off the use the secure switch, and revert it to the previous state 2. Go to application settings and save it once It can happen when the config isn't...
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    I am a Chinese user, whether to consider adding Chinese language

    @phanchin it should be launched in 6-8 weeks.
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    If we add the OAuth, in this case, you'll still need to create a project on Google and get it approved by them for the sensitive scopes. You can still import Gmail accounts as SMTPs. There are two methods to use Gmail smtp to send emails. 1. Use your Gmail email and password 2. Use the...
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    Hardware for 1000 threads

    Ok, I would still advise you to try with a lower specs server and resize it based on your own evaluation.
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    Hardware for 1000 threads

    For such a small list, why would you need that many threads? To complete the campaign instantly? The best way is to try it on your environment and resize it if required. e.g., start with a 16GB 8 cores server and check how it goes.
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    Hardware for 1000 threads

    The hardware specifications required for optimal performance depend on various factors beyond the number of threads. For instance, the size of your contact lists, whether you are sending messages to segments or lists, the number of triggers in action, and the number of segments created, among...
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    How to send from multiple SMTP accounts in batches of 1,

    @Summer Sauce , I apologize for the delayed response, as I just scrolled down and saw this topic. I believe you want to open parallel processes for multiple smtp accounts. To achieve this, multithreading should do the job (depending on the available resources in your server). Multithreading...
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    Evergreen Campaigns Missing?

    The Evergreen Campaigns addon is ready. This article should help you how to get it ->
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    Automated birthday greeting emails in mumara

    You already have this option in Mumara. You can create a segment based on the birthday and add a trigger on int. Look at the snapshot below. Moreover, this option should be directly available in the triggers soon
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    self hosted mumara tracking

    If you want to send 480 emails daily, you need to set the hourly rate to 20 emails.
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    self hosted mumara tracking

    When you schedule a campaign, it gives you the option to set the hourly speed of the campaign. You can also set the account-level hourly speed in user roles.