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    encryption error for gmail

    Try adding use-starttls true in <domain *> and let me know if it worked!
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    import ; separated list of contact

    Dear Frederic, you can post a feature request for colon support in CSV file here
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    Is there any Update in Mumara, As I already used RapidFire Mail via CodeCanyon

    Here is the changelog
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    Schedule x email per day

    You should be able to handle it with Evergreen campaigns addon that should be launched soon!
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    How to add and confirm mail for sending emails?

    If you are referring to Mumara ONE. You add a Sending Domain You verify it You create a Contact List and set the owner's email on this sending domain When you schedule a campaign, Mumara asks you which email to send from You have an option there to use the sender-info from Contact List or...
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    Add your email sending.

    Which product are you referring to? When you add a domain and confirms it, you can use any of the email address on that domain to send emails from!
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    API Update Contact List "additional_field" field is ignored

    @marfan thanks for the update. An update should be launched today or tomorrow!
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    API Update Contact List "additional_field" field is ignored

    @marfan there shouldn't be an issue in creating custom fields with the same name if the user is different. Please look into it once more!
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    Understanding the Unsubscription

    My apology for the delay in response. If we are talking about "Mumara Campaigns" Edition, yes both things should be possible in the future as we have these two things pipelined that should handle your cases. Sub-segments and their separate unsubscribe system Subscription management and the...
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    Sending Links not working in email - out of ideas

    `DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN` means there is either no DNS record for the subdomain or the main domain isn't routing anywhere or is a parked domain. You need to make sure that your subdomain is functional and properly hosted with the index.php file (if you are using...
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    Move Segment to a List

    As the data has already been moved, so the only way is to restore from a backup if you have one.
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    Unsubscribe Message Obfuscation

    If the message-id is being overwritten by the email provider, it does make sense that you received this message-id in the email. But it doesn't make sense that the message-id can be overwritten in the unsubscribe link. Message-id is generated from the tracking links which means that...
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    It happens when Mumara is unable to find the directive. Are you sure you are referring to the correct pmta server? As sometimes people have multiple pmta servers and then skip which server Mumara was referring to.
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    You can just mark it as solved.
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    Excluding Contacts - IMPORTANT

    Why not? You can choose multiple lists for both criteria i.e. Member of, and isn't Member of. These are checkboxes I was able to select multiple as you can see in the picture below