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    Am updated to current. Campaigns+ 5.2.4 .. get 500 server error every time I try to run... for months

    Since I had the update issues, I haven't been able to get anything except a 500 server error... the application runs insode, but I get a server error sent to my clients... I have checked everything that I can think ofpermissions... can you check for me? I am at my wits end, and am losing...
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    Can't update - SOLVED

    I have been updating regularly without a problem. My last update was to Campaign+ 5.1.30 I haven't been able to update since... I have tried no protocal, and sftp (which shows connect) I can do the restore point... my allow_url_include shows not passing, but It isn't used in PHP Version...
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    Add more options in the segment filters

    when I add a segment, I'd like more options in the filters "less than" "greater than", etc.... Also I'd like to be able to "or" and "and" the specific filters, to create a more complex segment...
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    Web Forms

    I've got several problems.... I can't disable the admin notification, if I leave blank it makes me fill in an email... If I disable both thank you email and double optin, when I submit the form, it shows the default Mumara thank you email on the webpage...
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    Send email to admin not working from a trigger

    I setup a trigger to add a contact to a segment, it worked fine. I set up a trigger to "send an admin email", when a contact was added to a segment.. it shows up in the stats, but it never sends the email... I setup a trigger to "send an email" when contact added to list, the trigger stats...
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    Captcha or Recaptcha

    I am getting many fake form fill ins... 10 to 20 per day... I am working on integrating recaptcha, but it would be nice if there was a simple integration.
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    New subscriber confirmation

    It would be nice if the new subscriber notification email, included the new subscriber information. Is there any way to edit the default email, to include contact information fields?
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    Triggered Broadcast email not sending attachments

    If I send the same email with an attachment 2 different ways... The one sent via scheduled broadcast has the attachment... The one sent via trigger, based on adding to list, does not send the attachment.. I experimented with using different node, and different senders information, always the...
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    Thank you email from webform not using "first name" field

    The thank you email, is sending the %%first_name%% not replacing it with the value of the signup