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    Huge Error logs

    Hi Wasif, I have huge amount of error logs about Laravel, system runs I think normally. I have no idea how to fix those and are these error something that I can fix. One of errors is like this, and there is a lot of errors. SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory (SQL: select * from...
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    Drip campaigns

    Hi, Have you guys been able to run drip campaigns? I tested one and no luck. I made trigger so that if user opens and click link on specific campaign, and user is from specific country drip group starts. This runs if user is added to segment that is country based. Any info how to get this...
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    Ghost groups on nodes

    Hi, How can i remove non used groups on sending nodes? there is some ghost groups whit no nodes in that i do not use anymore. Br, Miika
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    Subject rotation

    Hi Can Campaigns+ do subject rotation same way like in Classic version? { subject 1 | subject 2 | subject 3 } Br, Miika
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    PMTA connect only for bounce process

    Hi, Is it possible to only add PMTA to Mumara side to only process bounces through account files? No need to do whole setup, because i will do these things manually on config side by my self. Thanks! Miika
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    PMTA setup update

    Hello, I have PMTA setup now running okey and i want to add more ips and domains to it. How can i update these on Mumara side so that new sending nodes and bounce accounts etc are available ? I know how to edit config file and add smtp nodes to it, but just wondering how can i get PMTA to...