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    Sending emails unsubscribers

    Hi, How do we again send the emails to the unsubscribed users? Sometimes when we change the products we need to send the emails to all the users. Thank you
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    TLD's based domain suppression

    Hi, Kindly provide the TLD's based domain suppression. I do not want to send emails to domain names ending with .br Here are some example Currently, this is not available with Mumara.
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    Domain Suppression

    Hi, I want to suppress some TLD's how do I do it? I do not want to send emails to domain names ending with .br Here are some example All the above domains are ending with .br how do I block them for future sendings? Thank you
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    Replacement of Mumara hosting domain

    Hi, The issue with the mumara hosting domain. How do I replace the hosting domain of mumara by editing the code? Please guide which are files I need to do the changes to. Thank you
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    Regarding The Email Suppression Undo

    Hi Wasif, By mistake uploaded the list on email suppression. From the database, I deleted the newly added suppression list. But under all the contact lists, the mistakenly uploaded suppression email IDs are showing under bounce. How do I restore the contact list to the previous state? Please...
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    Memory allocation

    Hi, Require help for the memory allocations on php.ini & my.conf. php.ini max_execution_time = max_input_time = max_input_vars = post_max_size = session.gc_maxlifetime = my.cnf innodb_buffer_pool_size= max_allowed_packet= open_files_limit= innodb_file_per_table= Also, suggest other import...
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    Troubleshooting Slow Application

    Hi, Sometimes the application responds too slow. It's the same after stopping all the running campaigns. To resolve the issue sometimes reboot the server or restart the MySQL. Which lead to DB crash. Kindly guide us to bring it back to normal. Thank you
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    Option to block the bot IP's

    As discussed on the thread Request you to provide the option to block the bot IP's. So that the clicks can be blocked on Mumara.
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    About bot clicks

    Hi Wasif, When we run campaigns on business email ID's (non yahoo, hotmail, aol etc). We get a lot of bot clicks & sometimes we block the IP's but always not possible. Bot clicks destroy conversions statistics. Any suggestions? Thank you
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    Some Important Campaigns Features Request

    1> Once the campaign scheduled we can't be able to edit. In this case, we need to delete and schedule again. So it should ask for editing once the campaign scheduled. 2> Once Campaign Scheduled it should ask how many emails should go. Suppose we scheduled a campaign with a list of 1000K and...
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    Pre Designed Email Templates

    Hi Wasif, It will be good if you add some predesigned email creatives for email marketing & newsletter. Thank you
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    Contact List Share

    Admin should get an option for sharing the contact list with other user. This will reduce the load on MySQL if multiple users are using the same list. You have this option available on ESP.
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    Admin level Suppression

    Kindly provide option to add the suppression on admin level & it should apply to all the users.
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    Replacing the sending domain

    Hi, We are adding the PMTA server via addons. We need to replace the sending domain sometimes when it gets suspended. When we replace the sending domains how do we find the private key of DKIM? While editing the domain we can see the public DKIM Key but how do we find the private DKIM key to...
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    Dashboard Sending Statistics

    Hi, After the application migration the dashboard sending statistics not displaying. I waited for 48 hours but still nothing. Please suggest. Thank you
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    Scheduling multiple campaigns with multiple sending nodes

    Hi Wasif, While scheduling the campaign can we select multiple campaigns & sending nodes at a time on a contact list? How email sending will work in this scenario? Will it rotate the content & sending nodes? Please explain in detail. Thank you
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    Removing Duplicates from Segments

    Hi, How do we remove the duplicated contacts from segments? Thank you
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    Tracking link https or http

    Hi Wasif, For marketing campaigns domain tracking link which one is good https or http? Please explain the impact of using https & not using https. Thank you
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    System Paused

    We are observing the frequent system paused after scheduling the campaigns. Please advise. Thank you
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    Sending nods getting deactivated

    The sending nodes are getting deactivated frequently. The SMTP server has no connectivity issue. Please advise. For your reference, I have attached the Settings - Application Settings - Broadcast