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    Remove duplicate emails from all lists.

    Hello What is the procedure to remove duplicate emails from all lists. I came across the case that I have several lists and in them I found that there are duplicate emails I would like to know how to eliminate those duplicate emails. Thank you
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    Configure gmail Bounced Addresses

    I really appreciate your answer. On the subject of Bounces with Gmail, you tell me that the emails appear marked as read, but this worries me because in this case no email appears read. Could it be that it is not taking the emails from the inbox?
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    Simple Notification Service (SNS)

    Hi, I have a doubt. How can I check if the Simple Notification Service (SNS) in Amazon system is working? Why when entering the callbacks link, it reports an error 500
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    Configure gmail Bounced Addresses

    Hello, I want to know if a Gmail address can be used for the bounce system, it happens that when I click on the connection test, it shows me failed. Then I wonder if this bouncing email is really working, additionally it is fine to place the folder: inbox Thank you