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    There are no bounce after update to 5.3.3

    After update to the newest version 5.3.3, I don't see any bounce, is this a bug?
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    HAProxy Protocol for outbound traffic

    PMTA 5.0 has a new feature that PowerMTA supports the use of HAProxy protocol for outbound traffic, in the manual, section "10.2 HAProxy Protocol for outbound traffic" they also make more detail how to config PMTA. I have tried to follow their instruction but my emails cannot delivery, it stuck...
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    Start a campaign with conditions

    Let's say I have 2 campaign A and B. I want campaign B to be started when campaign A is finished.
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    Is there any way to use Proxy for SMTP server?

    There is one guy offer me a service, that he will config the SMTP server for me, he will using PowerMTA. He asked me to buy VPS and a rotating reverse proxy - this is proxy API- plan. He said the email will be sent from: My main IP --> Proxy IP (will be rotated every 1 hour) --> Clients, so that...
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    Asking about editing a broadcast campaign

    If I change the content of broadcast, does it affect on the running campaign? For example: I have a broadcast-1 I run a campaign and it is 50% complete. Then I change the content of broadcast-1 The remain 50% will be received the new content or it is still the original content?
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    cURL error 6: Could not resolve host

    I got this error from Mumara dashboard: cURL error 6: Could not resolve host:; Unknown error (see Before error, I have change the innodb-buffer-pool-size from default value to 6G. Why is 6G? The story is...
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    Database check warning message

    Hello, I am running Mumara+ lastest version 5.3.1 I go to Tools/Database check --> The system said: "We have found some missing items in your database and created the SQL queries for them." See the screenshot below: I press Update --> The process has been started in...
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    Bounce emails have been counted 2 times

    I export the bounce report and I see all emails are counted 2 times, is this a bug?
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    Abnormal link in clicked report

    I see the abnormal link in the clicked report as the screenshot below, is this a bug or normal?
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    How to remove warning message in Mumara dashboard

    I have a warning message in my Mumara dashaboard as the screenshot below: Problem is this Sending node was removed from Mumara long time ago, maybe more than a month. I have cleared the message by "Mark as solve" many times but then the warning message appears again.
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    Config PowerMTA

    I have an external server with 6 IPs. I installed VestaCP and PowerMTA v5.0, the setting for all IPs is same. I integrated PowerMTA with Mumara, everything was ok, no error during the process. But when I send emails, only 3 of 6 IPs are working (includes the primary IP), I mean emails from 3 IPs...
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    Does Domain Suppression/Email Suppression affect on current campaign?

    When I put new emails/domain suppression, does it affect on running campaigns or only affect on new campaigns?
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    Queue driver setting

    I am using Campaigns+ with the latest version. My queue driver setting is Sync as default setting. I checked in the setting notes, it is "This is useful for local and testing purposes, but clearly not recommended for production as it removes the performance benefit from setting up your queue" So...