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    Please add API calls for getCampaignGroupIDs and getListGroupIDs

    Hi zmiller, Sure we will add these apis soon Thank you!
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    How to get {schedule_id} from the API?

    Hello zmiller, I got your point and we have added APIs to our pipeline for development. I hope sooner you will get the solution to your problem. Thank You!
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    Trigger for unsubscribe to go to global suppression list

    Hi MDG! I am attaching the zip file that has a php file unsubscribe.php. First You need to rename a file("unsubscribe.php" to "unsubscribe_backup.php" ) in your installation directory for backup. Then place the attached unsubscribe.php file into your installation directory. it`s functionality...
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    How to Change the Tracking Domain?

    Hi dobriyalji, Go to Setup->Sending Domains From this page go to actions column of your domain and click "View Domain" option. Here you can edit the tracking domain.