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  1. mohammad

    Restore Point when updating campaigns+ app

    Mumara generates backup files for the app and database, storing them in the "storage/backups/current_date" directory. You can access and download the backup file from this designated location. To ensure data privacy, we've implemented a security measure in the form of a condition in the...
  2. mohammad

    The sending volume often exceeds 100%, can this bug be fixed

    To circumvent this issue, I will suggest you can use the loop method instead of batches when scheduling a campaign. With the batch method Mumara first increase the counter and then start sending email to send email faster. which shows the counter is more than 100%. However, this ambiguity is...
  3. mohammad

    The sending volume often exceeds 100%, can this bug be fixed

    Hi, The campaign wasn't over-sent but in fact, it was just the counter that is showing a bigger number. It was because of the batch size. When you have a batch size set, Mumara first increments the batch size and then push the emails to the MTA. If your campaign system-pauses during the...
  4. mohammad

    Contact List Fields

    I have successfully imported a list with additional fields. Could you please create a support ticket through your client area? Additionally, if you could create a video demonstrating the issue and upload it within the support ticket, that would be very helpful.
  5. mohammad

    Contact List Fields

    If the header of your CSV file includes fields such as first name, last name, email, phone number, etc., you will need to create a custom field. Subsequently, you should map this custom field with the specific CSV header that matches your needs during the process of importing the list.
  6. mohammad

    Suppress Sending Emails to a Domains matched by regex or just the TLD

    We are actively considering this feature and intend to include it in our development pipeline. As of now, our resources are fully dedicated to new enhancements, and we anticipate its implementation within the upcoming three months.
  7. mohammad

    In order to better meet user needs, we recommend increasing the annual quota

    I acknowledge your request, and I will ensure to include this feature in our development pipeline. However, please be aware that our development team is currently occupied with other enhancements for the next three months. As a result, this feature will be available in future updates beyond that...
  8. mohammad

    How to dedupe lists?

    The functionality to dedupe lists is already available. You can achieve this by clicking on "Remove Duplicate" on the view list page.
  9. mohammad

    In order to better meet user needs, we recommend increasing the annual quota

    Could you please provide further elaboration on your query? If you are inquiring about the possibility of having an annual quota option in the package, rest assured that we already offer a monthly quota option. You can simply divide the annual quota into a monthly limit and set the monthly quota...
  10. mohammad

    Customize unsubscribe page

    You can edit the "unsubscribe.php" file which you will find in the Mumara document root directory.
  11. mohammad

    Database Timezone error with Campaigns

    Before trying Method 2 did you follow Method 1 which is given in the article? If not then try Method 1.
  12. mohammad

    Database Timezone error with Campaigns

    @normathens you can follow the above-mentioned steps.
  13. mohammad

    Database Timezone error with Campaigns

    You can add default_time_zone = '+00:00'; in file like this [mysqld] default_time_zone = '+00:00'; [client-server] before [client-server]. after adding the timezone Restart the MySQL Server. Note: If you don't have enough experience on the server side, it is advisable to seek guidance...
  14. mohammad

    Error when trying to view fbl complaints

    @nico it is recommended to submit a support ticket from your client area & also share the detail so our support team will look into the issue.
  15. mohammad

    Sending speed hourly rate

    Yes, you can apply the above solution to Mumara Campaigns.
  16. mohammad

    database's timezone is not set to UTC

    Hi, You can visit the following Mumara school link It will help you update your Database timezone.
  17. mohammad

    Cannot delete any thing from my Campaigns setup.

    We have got your support ticket but I can't see the login details in it.
  18. mohammad

    My suggestion is for the Schedule section or Selected list

    Hi, This feature is added to the development pipeline and will be available in the upcoming update.
  19. mohammad

    Ioncube Loader Version Error

    To resolve this issue, you need to upgrade your Ioncube loader from version 11 to version 12. If you are using Cpanel, you can change the Ioncube loader version through "PHP Selector." Alternatively, you can contact your server administrator to upgrade the Ioncube loader version. If you are not...
  20. mohammad

    Sending speed hourly rate

    While scheduling a campaign you can select the method Loop and proceed with scheduling the campaign.