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    You can just mark it as solved.
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    Excluding Contacts - IMPORTANT

    Why not? You can choose multiple lists for both criteria i.e. Member of, and isn't Member of. These are checkboxes I was able to select multiple as you can see in the picture below
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    Please add API calls for getCampaignGroupIDs and getListGroupIDs

    The APIs have been added. Should be launched in v5.2.
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    Will you add the function of email address verification in the future?

    Yes we do. but it will not use the server's main IP to run validation as it will result in the IP blockage within few minutes to hours. We'll integrate our email validation service over API that will make you run the validation.
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    Mumara Cron Issue

    I wonder why would you keep the garbage logs. Just set the log retention in the application settings to 7 days and Mumara will delete the old entries (when the maintenance cron runs in 24h) to keep your database optimized. Otherwise after setting up the retention period, you can run the cron...
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    Backup Directory?

    It should be in the /backups folder on root. Make sure you put a .htaccess rule to avoid public access.
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    Do we have to create spintags to use spintext?

    you can do it by adding them in Square Brackets separated by the vertical slashes e.g. [word1|word2|word3]. Look at the examples below Dear [Client|Member|User|Customer], I [want|wish] to [advise you|let you know] that your [plan|package|subscription] is about to [expire|end|finish].
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    Can't update - SOLVED

    I hope you were able to solve the issue. Make sure that Mumara up to the current version i.e. 5.1.33 is supported on PHP 7.3.
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    Regenerate PMTA Config got null message

    It means the Mumara server is unable to connect to your pmta webmonitor via HTTP.
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    How can i use only one smtp host address with all powermta servers

    If you PowerMTA server is same, you can just point any of the usable IP to your hostname e..g and then edit all smtps to replace the hostname with the new value. Or if you have a lot of SMTPs, you can do it via DB query.
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    Sending emails unsubscribers

    Either you can mark set all recipients back to "subscribed" or you can create a segment of all unsubscribed contacts and then send a campaign to them. When you send to a segment, it doesn't skip any contacts except the ones which are suppressed. And if you plan to set all contacts to...
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    Dynamic Content Tags With Multiple Content Block Options

    Something similar but more feature-enriched module is being developed that will allow you to handle several conditions for a single tag.
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    TLD inboxes with Mumara classic and Spamboxes with Campaign +

    @internetbizz , thank you for the question. Did you try with cname or cloak? if you tried with cloak, I would suggest trying cname as well. Also, sometimes the headers show the reason why the email was marked as spam. Anything you found in the headers similar to this?
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    Memory allocation

    Just add the line above the include dir. But make sure you should know what you are doing. If you have 0 technical experience, I would suggest getting an expert on it.
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    Changing link paths?

    Can you provide me a sample of the link you see right now vs the link you want it to appear. It will explain more!
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    Memory allocation

    @zeehman To give more memory to MySQL, find the MySQL config file mostly placed here /etc/my.cnf and add/edit the following lines to it innodb_buffer_pool_size=8G where 8G is the 8GB of RAM you are allocating to MySQL. You can modify the value as per your requirement To give more memory to...
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    how to increase SQL memory

    yes and then restart the services. If you comment on the mentioned topic, I can explain in more detail. So we stick beneath a single correct thread.
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    how to increase SQL memory

    Look into this post
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    Minimum required headers

    What headers you are seeing in the message source? You can always remove any headers at the MTA side. However, x-logid is important for logs processing.
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    Autoresponder to Customers who replied to our reply-to email address

    We have built an addon for Mumara Campaigns called ReplyProcessor but hasn't launched it yet. It's going through the testing phase.