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    Thank you I look forward to this tutorial. Really appreciate it!
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    @wasif Based on the provided information, here's how you can configure the Mumara to use an internal app in your Google Workspace account without requiring Google's approval for the Gmail scopes: Create an internal app in your Google Cloud Console associated with your Google Workspace...
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    @wasif In fall of 2024 google will disable less secure apps leaving the only option to connect a gmail account being app-specific password. Are you guys able to develop a solution like:
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    Late reply I know, but hopefully this will be added. For using bulk gmail accounts both options are very time consuming. There is no way in gsuite or the workspace/gmail API to mass enable less secure apps.
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    Verification service

    Thank you everyone for replying. Back to the drawing board :)
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    Verification service

    I want to use Mumara as an email verification service. - taking advantage of its ability to filter bounces. We have many IPs and whatnot, so essentially we'd mass email a list and have mumara remove all the invalid bounces. Is this something you believe the software can support?
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    Customize unsubscribe page

    What file would I need to edit to customize the unsubscribe page? I only want to modify the HTML appearance.
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    Will you be adding a solution that enables us to connect to multiple gmail and outlook accounts through an API or to easily be able to connect through OAuth? Right now Outlook accounts cannot be added to Mumara unless you create an app specific password, and in the case where we have multiple...
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    Hardware for 1000 threads

    I have 600 smtps and I need to use threading to connect to as many smtps as possible at a time to send the message…so not instantly but as close to instantly as I can get it.
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    Hardware for 1000 threads

    Thanks. I would be sending to a list of about 50k. No segments would be sent anything. There would only be a single trigger that started a drip sequence sending an email once every day to those who were sent the original message. Do you know what HW would work for this?
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    Hardware for 1000 threads

    What type of server hardware would I need to run at 1000 threads?
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    How to send from multiple SMTP accounts in batches of 1,

    I have several hundred SMTP accounts. I need for emails to be sent from multiple accounts at the same time. Example: That sends 1 email per smtp at a time in batches of 50. Loop would normally connect to one smtp send the email, then connect to the next. For instance, it would first establish...
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    Delete sending group

    How do I delete a sending group category?
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    Unsubscribe Rules

    I made a bit of mess with my list but want to be sure I maintain my unsubscribes. 1. Is there a way to export unsubscribed users only from list A and list B and then upload them into a global unsubscribe list?
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    How does IP rotation work?

    How does IP rotation work with campaigns+?
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    Sending Domain SSL certificate

    I am having the same issue. I am trying to add tracking domains. SSL is enabled on the site, mumara can't see it
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    Campaigns+ or Classic Pro

    I purchased campaigns+ but am unsure if I should have purchased Classic Pro.... Does Classic Pro continue to receive security updates? It looks like it has more features. Also if Campaigns+ is the latest and greatest why is self-hosting 7$ a month and classic pro is 47?