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  1. whiteknight

    Dynamic Content Tags With Multiple Content Block Options

    I understand this feature exists in Classic edition but not yet in Campaigns+. This feature is important. Currently I can only create a single variable for Dynamic Content Tags. Either A or B based on filter criteria. I need to have multiple tag options. If A then B, but if C then D, but if...
  2. whiteknight

    Trigger Event Criteria - Date Field

    When creating a trigger there is currently not an option to use a date field as the event criteria. This is a critical need for me in my business and something I used a lot in my previous platform. IE: When the date in %Date_Field% is reached, fire the trigger.
  3. whiteknight

    Segment Filter Criteria AND or OR

    When I build a segment I have the option to add various filtering criteria. If I add more than one is Mumara using AND or OR logic? I think it would be a nice feature to specify if I want to do AND or OR logic.
  4. whiteknight

    RSS Feed to Email

    I would like a feature that allows me to parse a RSS Feed into emails automatically. So for example I could configure a "RSS Campaign" to check a RSS Feed regularly and then if new feed items are identified, parse those into an email and send it to a designated list.
  5. whiteknight

    Set Default Thread Count

    By default it seems broadcasts are set to send with 1 thread. In my case we generally use 10 threads but yesterday we failed to change the default from 1 to 10 and instead of taking about an hour to deploy our campaign took 14 hours to deploy. Would be really nice to remove the human element...
  6. whiteknight

    State Level Geographic Reporting Data

    My business is entirely in the US. More than 99% of my opens come from within the US. The current geographic reporting data appears to be limited to country level which has no value to me. If I could get state-level data in the US that would be much more valuable.
  7. whiteknight

    Identify Inactive Contacts in A Segment

    It is important to me to keep my lists clean and to move inactive contacts off the list for a number of reasons. -It improves my open and click through rates -It improves my deliverability as ESPs don't like seeing most of your emails going unopened -It saves me money. No point in paying to...
  8. whiteknight

    When Important Contacts Choose to Add to Drips Or Not and to update existing or not

    Need a feature where, when importing contacts from a file I can choose to have those new contacts added to autoresponders or not. Also would be nice to have an option to import contacts and update existing contacts. For example, sometimes I may have a list of contacts that includes greater...
  9. whiteknight

    Excluding Contacts - IMPORTANT

    This is a feature I consider critical. I would pay extra for it as an addon. I need the ability to send a broadcast to contacts of list A but exclude contacts in list B. I think this could be done in a number of ways. First, you could add a contact list filter to segments. So in a segment, I...
  10. whiteknight

    Drip Sorting

    By default it looks like drips (within a group) are displaying on page sorted by order created with the most recent at the top. Can these be default sorted in order of the "Delay?" So a drip set to send immediately would be at the top and one sending 24 hours later would be below it? If...
  11. whiteknight

    Add Option to Duplicate Drip

    It is easy to duplicate a broadcast. Why not a drip? This should be a native feature.
  12. whiteknight

    Send Option From Broadcast Page List

    Right now to send a broadcast I go to the Schedule menu option. Give a label and pick a list and then in the "Type" tab I select the broadcast. Those broadcasts are listed by group in alphabetical order. In about 1 month from now I'll have about 60 in that list and its going to start to be a big...
  13. whiteknight

    Show number of active contacts

    In the Contact Lists Page, it shows the total number of contacts in each list. It would be more valuable to me to know the number of active contacts. Subtract bounced and unsubscribed contacts and show just the total number of active.
  14. whiteknight

    Add SUBJ line to email Campaign Results Stats page

    On the Summary page of the Broadcast email campaign results can we add the Subj Line of that email? It helps to look at the subject line when analyzing the open rate.
  15. whiteknight

    Time Zone Fix

    In system settings I chose my time zone but it shows as 1 hour off. I think it isn't accounting for Daylight Savings Time in the USA. How can I fix this? When scheduling campaigns etc it is important for the system time to be correct. I don't want to manually have to change the time zone twice a...
  16. whiteknight

    Spam Report With Suggestions

    When creating a broadcast there is currently an option to "Check Spam Score." It would be helpful to know what criteria are causing the score to be the score. Are certain keywords assigned a value? If so what words are in my broadcast that are being flagged by the score tool? Knowing the score...
  17. whiteknight

    Sendgrid integratin and understanding where the data is going

    I'm new to Mumara, very excited to be part of the community. I've send about 500,000 emails so far and I use the SendGrid integration. I have the event webhook turned on so in theory data on spam complaints and bounces is coming back to Mumara. Where is the data coming back from SendGrid...