Automate transactional emails from our DB to Mumara

MDG Computers

Sep 16, 2020

I have numerous questions regarding automating email campaigns in Mumara. We want to send different HTMLs to different lists in Mumara automatically on a daily basis and able to check the KPIs.

  1. The emails lists can be transferred into Mumara with the API functionality but I was reading about Auto responders and how we can send emails to subscribers who just joined the list. Do we have an option to send to an existing customer in the list again if we need to? Please advice. If yes, please tell us how.
  2. Second question is: if we move contacts from our list which is associated with auto responder, the campaign statistics also go away. Is there an alternative where we could still see the KPIS after moving or deleting the contacts from the respective list?

Looking Forward to your response.

MDG Computers Inc.