Autoresponder to Customers who replied to our reply-to email address

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Sep 16, 2020
Is it possible to set search criteria as "Subscribers who replied" under Auto-Responders/Create-Auto-Responders Search options ?

I would like to send automatic emails to customers who replied to emails sent from mass campaigns.

I can define reply-to email address under SMTP settings.

Now, when trying to create new auto responder, right now, I can't find any search option/trigger which responds to customers who replied on reply-to email address.

Our requirement is to send automatic reply to Customers who responded back on the email used for mass campaign.

Is it possible to add new search criteria and auto-responder functionality to send automatic reply on customer email who replied back?

Could you please confirm if there's any existing account level functionality available to enable auto-reply on Customer's reply.


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Apr 9, 2019
For this, you may need to custom script that will go through the mailbox and find the matching message-ids for the emails and then update a custom field value of the associating subscriber. Then an auto-responder can be set for the contacts with the matching custom field value.

Btw, we are already adding this automation in Mumara Camapigns, that will open your configured mailbox automatically and run the drips.