Broadcast to Drip?


Aug 5, 2022
Hey guys,

I'm trying to figure out a way to send a broadcast, so that I can do split testing. But after the broadcast, I would like the campaign to be followed up with a drip campaign. Is this possible? I'm also having a difficult time figuring out how to set up the drip campaign to limit how many emails it sends per day. Is it even possible?

I'm using Mumara Campaigns. I should have posted it in that thread, but I can't seem to delete this one to swap it over


Staff member
Apr 9, 2019
@andrewmolt You can't throttle drip campaigns or can't limit the number of emails to be sent as it's based on the criteria. As soon as the criteria are met, the recipient receives the drip. Either the criteria is just the timespan/delay whether it includes segmentation as well. So if you want to send a split test, it has to be done via broadcasts, and you can define the number of emails to be sent for each version before Mumara can decide on the winning version and send the rest of the emails.

Although I didn't under your question entirely, I still answered what I understood.