Help with API integration


Jun 27, 2019
I need to know if we can access segments and tags through the API...I have a WP plugin I want to extend Mumara with. The name is WP Fusion.

I want to have the creator of the plugin include Mumara in his list of CRMs that can work on his plugin.

I need to be sure that I can add a single subscriber to multiple lists. WP Fusion needs some sort of functionality like that to work properly.

Looking forward to a response. Thanks!


Staff member
Apr 9, 2019
Mumara API is currently supporting more common functions e.g add a list, view lists, edit list, add/edit/delete contacts, broadcasts, users etc. We are currently developing it for other modules as well and will be published soon. You can find the list of API features that we'll be publishing soon

  • Add a list
  • Get lists
  • Edit a list
  • Delete a list
  • Get custom fields
  • Add a custom field
  • Edit a custom field
  • Delete a custom field
  • Get segment
  • Delete a segment
  • Get contacts of a segment
  • Get suppression list(s)
  • Add an email/domain/ip to a suppression list
  • Add an email/domain/ip to global suppression list
  • Add a contact to a list
  • Edit/Update a contact
  • Delete a contact
  • Get contacts of a list
  • Get all contacts
  • Get/Search a contact by ID, Email or any other custom field
  • Get campaigns
  • Add a campaign
  • Edit a campaign
  • Delete a campaign
  • Schedule a campaign
  • Schedule multiple campaigns
  • Get scheduled campaigns
  • Get split tests
  • Get bounce mailboxes
  • Add a bounce mailbox
  • Edit a bounce mailbox
  • Delete a bounce mailbox
  • Get custom bounce rules
  • Add custom bounce rule
  • Edit custom bounce rule
  • Delete a custom bounce rule
  • Get sending domains
  • Add sending domain
  • Edit sending domain
  • Delete sending domain
  • Test sending domain
  • Get auto follow-up groups
  • Add an auto follow-up group
  • Edit an auto follow-up group
  • Delete an auto follow-up group
  • Get auto follow-ups for a group
  • Add an auto follow-up
  • Edit an auto follow-up
  • Delete an auto follow-up
  • Get triggers
  • Add a trigger
  • Edit a trigger
  • Delete a trigger
  • Get Sending Nodes
  • Add a sending node
  • Edit a sending node
  • Delete a sending node
  • Get spintags
  • Add a spintag
  • Edit a spintag
  • Delete a spintag
  • Get dynamic tags
  • Add a dynamic tag
  • Edit a dynamic tag
  • Delete a dynamic tag
  • Get web forms
  • Get web form HTML code
  • Add a web form
  • Edit a web form
  • Delete a web form
  • Get feedback loop
  • Add a feedback loop
  • Edit a feedback loop
  • Delete a feedback loop
  • Get campaigns/autoresponders/triggers stats
  • Statistics - Get summary
  • Statistics - Get bounces
  • Statistics - Get opens
  • Statistics - Get clicks
  • Statistics - Get unsubscribes
  • Statistics - Get complaints
  • Statistics - Get log