Issue with the broadcast clicked stats API endpoint


May 11, 2022
When trying to access the /api/getBroadcastStatsClicked/{schedule_id} endpoint, I get an error response back:

{ "status": "error", "result": "Error: Click stats do not exist." }

I can confirm that click stats do exist on that broadcast in the portal, and I know the schedule ID is accurate because it works in the /api/getBroadcastStatsSummary/{schedule_id} endpoint, and that endpoint returns a summary for the same schedules I am viewing in the portal that have click events to report. I have tried a wide variety of broadcasts with an without clicks, and event tried using other identifiers like the Sr. # with the same result.

I have also confirmed the key I am using has access to the endpoint (it has complete API access). Permission and headers are managed through Postman for all of these requests for testing purposes, and all the others are working. So I am confident it is not an access/permission issue. I also set up the test endpoints some time ago, and believe this worked in a previous version.

The short of it is: /api/getBroadcastStatsSummary/6 returns the proper resonse, but /api/getBroadcastStatsClicked/6 returns an error message.

Any help would be appreciated.


Staff member
Aug 31, 2020

I have reproduced the case and it's working for me. You can submit a support ticket with more details and add a screenshot also.