Migrating Mumara to another server


Oct 11, 2019
Hey folks,

What is the best way of moving Mumara to a new server?
I currently have it hosted on a shared cpanel and want to move it to a dedi.
I have a few clients there already and want to make sure everything will work and basically copy my data easily.


Staff member
Apr 9, 2019
  1. If you are planning to move from a cpanel to cpanel server then whm transfer tool should do the job. if you don't don't have access to WHM then cpanel complete backup transfer would work.
  2. If you are transferring from cpanel to a minimal server with no control panel and keeping the same domain
    1. Export the database to an SQL file
    2. Compress/Zip the Mumara root folder
    3. Transfer both to the new server
    4. Import transferred database to the newly created database
    5. Unzip files to the new physical path
    6. Open .env file and update the new database details
    7. It should work
  3. If you are changing the domain as well
    1. Update the new domain name in .env file
    2. Navigate to Application Settings, it will automatically fetch the new domain name, just press Save
    3. All done
Wasif Ahmad