Mumara Campaigns (Changelog)


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Apr 9, 2019
Version: 5.1.06 (31/07/2020)

Language files fully updated
List import loader style fixed
View running processes
Feedback Loop property id issue fixed
Inactive sending nodes hidden on the scheduling process
Waiting for execution fixed for system-paused campaigns
Bounce Rules API added
Remove Test connection for ESP types
Built-in PHPinfo added
Add a contact via API for duplicate value fixed
Mumara API enhanced
Tracking pixel changed
HTML email header changed to comply with the standards
Broadcast logs filter by event type fixed
Broadcast statistics page optimized for quick load
Segment by statistics optimized for certain criteria
Validation removed from reply email
Segment issue fixed for the member of criteria
Forgot password feature enhanced
In-line spintags added
Login as user option added
Sending process shifted to queues and tasks
Email text version content formatting optimized
Dashboard top domains queries optimized
Filters updated on view scheduled broadcasts page
Treeview maintain previous selection fixed
Debug logs cosmetic changes
Statistics page character count limit added
Trigger processing enhanced and optimized
PowerMTA copy DNS values issue fixed
Main menu active class updated
CSS versioning
Reset password page cosmetic changes
Reset password email branding added
GeoIP database updated

Version: 5.1.05 (20/07/2020)

User Interface enhancements
Navigation speed optimization
Theme structure customization
Dashboard running queries optimization
Campaign preparation and sending methodology optimized
Queue based multi threading
Vertical bar separated spintags support added
Extra JS removed
GeoIP databased updated
ip2location process method changed
Security section added
IP based login restriction
See active sessions
Terminate any active session
Kill remote sessions upon password change
Two Factor Authentication enhanced
Session based access level
Several database queries optimized
Cron based click tracking
Trigger recursive functionality
Segmentation enhanced
PowerMTA wizard enhancements
Suppression flow improved and synchronization added
Login validation
Campaign sending process optimized and speedup
Skeleton placeholders for elements
Config cached
Fixed drip case for Sendgrid
Queue based contact list export
A/B testing for unique records
Display currently running threads
Hourly limits perfection for multiple cases
Editing user/admin password mandatory check removed
PowerMTA DNS copy function fixed
Side menu added to the user session
Drip campaign copy as text fixed
Drip campaign send preview fixed for Sendgrid
Reset password page design fix
Statistics page character limit
Copy a bigger list along with contacts
Split a bigger list into parts
Broadcast stats export fixed for all fields
Null ip processing issue for ip2location fixed
Image library structured
Missing .htaccess file auto-creation
Global support for all languages added in broadcasts
Adding a new contact with the birth date fixed
Editing webform error fixed

Version: 5.1.041 (27/06/2020)

Enhancement in campaign preparation process
Certain changes in statistics logs
Updates in Contacts Controller
Scroll fixed for changelog
Update process for SaaS edition
Certain enhancements in drip start

Version: 5.1.04 (25/06/2020)

Callback and maintenance cron added to cron settings and cron status pages
Domain name added to subscribers table for fast segmentation and fast suppression
Delete campaign logs after X number of days
Adding/editing a broadcast -> Copy as text function optimized
List-Unsubscribe header options added while scheduling
Scheduling to 0 contacts warning
Cosmetic tweaks for MAC screens
Segmentation based on statistics -> hide soft-deleted lists
Dashboard counters shortened
PowerMTA server view page tweaks
Pausing a campaign during preparation handling
Domain field added in campaign logs for fast segment processing
Branding elements added at several locations in the application
Help tooltips added at several locations
Several queries optimized for fast processing
Click tracking changed to file-based
Auto-update server IP and domain name upon migration
Advanced debug logs for SMTP connections
Intellectual methodology for tracking domain selection added

Version: 5.1.032 (17/06/2020)

Laravel Packages Updated

Version: 5.1.031 (15/06/2020)

Updated installer.sql file
Optimized query for the sidebar user credits to enhance processing speed
Several queries optimization
Click tracking shifted to file-based from Database
Auto-fetch IP/Domain on Licensing page (useful upon Mumara migration)
Launched Mumara bash installer for CentOS 7

Version: 5.1.03 (12/06/2020)

Drag and Drop builder block for hyperlinks (Addon Required)
Drag and Drop builder toolbar (Addon Required)
Update process optimization
The intellectual pattern for tracking domain selection
Help notice upon tracking domain failure
Default status set to on upon adding new sending nodes
Cosmetic changes on add sending node page
Spam complaints processing - Amazon SES case
SMTP import enhancement and fixes
Global email header/footer added in application settings
Full width for sending domain page
List-unsubscribe header handling
Trigger stats small fixes for drip case
Different tracking domain selection in sending node
Dashboard counter small fixes
Text content added for drips
Content for test sending nodes changed
Sending Nodes page cosmetic changes for empty blocks
Allow users to add duplicate sending domains
Countdown added for scheduled broadcasts
Export clicks on statistics page fixed
Class for testing sending nodes for all ESPs changed
Editing drip group small fixes
Handling of the update process when the database password contains an equal character (=)
Dashboard stats handling according to the user timezone
From email disappears while editing PostMark sending node - Fixed
View Callback logs error fixed when there is no log
Drag and Drop editor embedding optimization
Testing messages removed from debug logs
API token layout enhancement
PHP extension fileinfo dependency added on the contacts import page
All APIs updated and tested for all ESPs
All callbacks updated and tested for all ESPs

Version: 5.1.021 (05/06/2020)

HTML body tag placement - drag and drop editor
php-filinfo dependency check during contacts import
API Tokens page layout fix for all dimensions
Edit API tokens
Countdown on scheduled page

Version: 5.1.02 (04/06/2020)

Branded favicon
Drag and Drop Sections Added
PowerMTA logo on addon association
PowerMTA server setup fixes
Add a contact page design tweaks
Help buttons added for all pages
Validation fix for add sending domain page
HTTPS SSL fix for the update server
Zipper class updated for zip export
Duplicate a list for the user account
Mailjet webhooks updated
Edit hourly speed of a paused campaign
IP addresses and subnets restriction for API Keys
Development mode alert
Contact list bulk actions permission fixed
Delete a contact list group in treeview
Content changed for the test email of sending node connection check
Empty folder path fixed while updating using FTP method
Changes in SQL file for new installations
Statistics datatable warning fixed for clicked tab
Drip test preview fixed for embedded images
Deleting multiple lists on backend
Application default timezone set to superadmin timezone during installation
Small fixes for restoration point
Breadcrumbs fixed throughout the application
Statistics sorting for logs tab by creation date in descending order
Moving list to another group in treeview
Licensing enhancement
Drag and Drop removes selected group fixed
Adding a group in sending node displays previously deleted groups - fixed
Issues tab disappears when there is no opened issue
Click tracking added for the Text version of the email
Installation path auto-detection during installation and update
File attachment with broadcast for XLS/CSV
Editing a split test fixed
Tick added for the connected sending nodes on the dashboard

Version: 5.1.01 (29/05/2020)

Drag n Drop editor enhancements
User case view contacts for a list
Tracking links alt tag
Creat broadcast alert notification timer
Segmentation enhancement for multiple filters
View segment in the user case
Application timezone set upon new installation
Recount contacts removed on every page load
Contacts increment/decrement realtime calculation upon add/delete/import
HTML parse in drips
Debug mode and Development mode added
Custom branding added on update pages
Default statuses set to action upon adding new assets e.g triggers, drips, nodes
Sending domain DNS recheck button functionality enhanced
Custom Fields kept assigned upon deleting a contact list
Number of users on dashboard fixed upon new installation
Bounce rules reset to default button added
PowerMTA server edit page fixed
A Trigger criteria fixed

Version: 5.1.0 (23/05/2020)

Application speed enhanced
Navigation speed enhanced
CSS updated
Rocket import updated
Superfast contacts import
Import process UI enhanced
Import in chunks
Import custom fields in Rocket mode
File upload live progress
Overwrite existing contacts
Update existing contacts
Cancel import
Admin side filters added on view pages
Install process enhanced
Update process enhanced
Staff roles enhancement
Editing user assets alerts
New and Advanced Drag & Drop Editor (Addon Required)
Ready to go templates
Pre-designed HTML modules
Responsive templates
API roles enhanced
Updated to Laravel 6
User interface updated
Screen dimensions updated
Segments based on radio options
Dashboard updated
Notifications enhancement
Initial steps added for users
Drip page JS issue fixed
Date picker for date-based custom field
Modal box fixes
Language hierarchy enhancement
Copy options will create duplicate copies under the actual owner
Feedback Loops ACL fixes

Version: 5.0.58 (23/05/2020)

Changed update process
Changed installation process
FTP/SFTP methods added for the update

Version: 5.0.57 (11/05/2020)

Segment fix for admin side

Version: 5.0.56 (08/05/2020)

Multithreading enhancement
Drip Groups ACL
Segment Filters

Version: 5.0.55 (01/05/2020)

PowerMTA integration fixes

Version: 5.0.54 (21/04/2020)

Segmentation enhanced and filters added
API ACL fixes
Trigger fixes on certain criteria

Version: 5.0.53 (26/03/2020)

Drip Preview
PMTA Field Checks Fixed
Create Restore Point
IP Suppression Field validation added
Email suppression reference links added
Default number of records per view
CSS Optimized
Emoji in broadcast updated
Bounce rules updated
Multilingual functionality data-tables
Test connection in sending nodes fixed
List-Unsubscribe header added in schedule campaign
Campaign Resume/Pause for hourly limit fixed
Confirm link added for regular broadcasts and triggers

Version: 5.0.52 (17/03/2020)

Dashboard Stats Enhanced
Sending with Multiple Threads Optimized
Live Countdown on Schedule Campaign
Campaign Schedule to Send Later
Import Speed Optimized
Bounce Processing with PMTA enhanced
Mail Settings Updated
Authentication Logs Added
Emoji in Broadcast Subject Fixed

Version: 5.0.51 (06/03/2020)

Rocket Import enhancement to import custom fields
Import process pptimized
PMTA config enhancement
Double Opt-In fixed in web form
ESP callbacks file log updated
Idle session timeout updates
Webeditor fixes for images

Version: 5.0.50 (27/02/2020)

ESP Callbacks cron-based processing added
Idle session timeout forcible redirect
View segment criteria added
Rocket import enhanced
PMTA config updated
Tracking domain protocol fixed
Tracking domain htaccess selection
User-side dashboard enhanced
Hard and Soft list delete

Version: 5.0.49 (17/02/2020)

View contacts datatable warning fixed upon sorting
A Syntax error fixed for SMTP case
Security alerts added
Amazon Callbacks Upgraded
Logs View Updated
Enable/Disable Debug Mode
Error Reporting Levels

Version: 5.0.48 (14/02/2020)

Web version link updated
Added exceptions into Issues
Text Version Added"

Version: 5.0.47 (12/02/2020)

ESP Delivery Report Optimization
Domain Suppression Fixes
Sending Process Optimized
PMTA Bounce Processing Enhancement
ESP Callback Logs
Debug Logs
Log Settings Added
Idle Session Timeout
Log Settings Added

Version: 5.0.46 (29/01/2020)

Import Process Optimized and Updated
IP Restriction
ACL Fixes
Hard and Soft List Deletion
API Fixes

Version: 5.0.45 (17/01/2020)

Contacts Import Enhaned
Gmail Sending Node Fixes
Dashboard Sending Stats Updated
Dashboard Top Domains Optimized
Certain Import fixes in user panel
Webhooks Updated for all Sending Nodes
POP/IMAP Bounce Processing Enhanced
Drag and Drop Sorting in Bounce Rules Fixed
User Side Optimization
Optimized Processing time in User Account
Drag and Drop Builder Uploaded Images Fixed
Drag and Drop Builder Hyperlinks Updated
API Fixes
Additional and Global Custom headers Updated
Sending Node Required/Additional Parameters for Triggers
PMTA config webmonitor verification
End-User Character Issue Fixed
Certain UI/UX Changes

Version: 5.0.44 (26/12/2019)

Language file formatted
Extra CSS and JS removed
All Sending Nodes Webhooks Updated
Amazon SES Updated
User Roles Enhanced
Feedback Loops Added
Two Factor Authentication Added

Version: 5.0.43 (06/12/2019)

Bulk Contacts Update Fixes
Text Version of Email added in additional to HTML
Rocket Import Feature Added
MySQL Port Issue while Installation
Segment Export - User Side
Trash all for Exported Lists
Copy a List with Contacts in Background
Logs Sort Order by Date Fixed
Color Palette in Template Editor
Multithreading Enhancement
List View in User Side Changes

Version: 5.0.42 (21/11/2019)

PowerMTA Integration Enhancement
Userside Dashboard Stats
Trash Records for Exported Files
Sending Domain DNS Valiation Enhancement
Webview Enhancement

Version: 5.0.40 (08/11/2019)

PowerMTA XML Integration
Support for v5
PowerMTA DKIM Custom Fallback Domain
PopwerMTA Custom SMTP Hostname
Domain Key Size
DKIM Signing from Mumara fixed with custom headers"

Version: 5.0.39 (05/11/2019)

Amazon SES Bounce Processing Tweaks
PowerMTA Integration Edit Credentials
Statistics updated
Segments fixes
Cosmetic Chanegs

Version: 5.0.38 (01/11/2019)

HTTPS fixed for all internal links
Country mapping fixed
Segmentation certain rules fixed
Dynamic tags enhancement
Contact lists filter by user
Drip stats certain fixes
Report a bug button fixed
BaseURL added for JS
Dashboard stats certain fixes
Regenerate option added for domain keys
Certain cosmetic changes

Version: 5.0.37 (25/10/2019)

DKIM Enabe/Disable
Sign Outgoing Emails
SMTP connection close after batch processing
Authentication rechek tweaked
Email builder cosmetic changes

Version: 5.0.36 (16/10/2019)

DKIM Signature Added
Sending domain deletion enhanced
SMTP Import
Certain database changes

Version: 5.0.35 (11/10/2019)

UTF-8 Encoding Fixed
Custom CSS Added
Contacts country column fixed
Certain toaster messages fixed

Version: 5.0.34 (08/10/2019)

Import page UI changes
Running threads optimization
Custom field issues fixed
Copy/paste import fixed
Email suppression tweaked
Contacts import validation
Certain fixes in source email codes
Certain redirection fixes in user side
Gmail Sending Node additional settings fixed
Dashboard map fixed
Opened by country fixed in segmentation
HTTPS protocol added
Duplicate custom field fixed

Version: 5.0.33 (04/10/2019)

Override certain date while importing contacts
Removed unnecessary AJAX calls
Update process optimized
Licensing optimization
Cosmetic changes
PMTA issues fixed
Statistics page UI changes
Date fields validation added

Version: 5.0.32 (01/10/2019)

Invalid files validation on import
Amazon sending node updated
Drip add functionality tweaked
Statistics fixes
Reply-to field fixed for custom sender-id
Sendgrid API updated
Segment sending certain issues fixed
Hourly rate optimized

Version: 5.0.31 (29/09/2019)

JS plugins updated
Branding fixed
Laravel composer updated
Trigger routes updated
Imported files deletion
DKIM issues fixed
Domain masking optimization
Flash messages fixed

Version: 5.0.30 (25/09/2019)

Custom fields dropdown fixed on broadcast page
Unnecessary assets removed
Webview fixed
Login page style fixed
Branding page cosmetic changes
Triggers statistics optimized
Language file hierarchy optimized
Switch fixed on broadcast scheduling

Version: 5.0.29 (22/09/2019)

Drip group UI filters functionality added
PMTA IPs pool fixed
Webview for drips fixed
Certain bugs on create segments fixed
Checkboxes selection fixed globally
IP suppression bug fixes
User-side fixes for contact list actions button
UI responsive fixes
Spintags ACL fixed

Version: 5.0.28 (18/09/2019)

Redirection fixed on package creation
Tracking domain verification tweaked
Auto-mapping added while importing contacts
Branding hide from user side
Global header fixes
Certain db changes
Feedback loop updated
Webform actions button fixed
Certain fixed in user roles
User side tree view for contact lists fixed
Bounce rules optimization

Version: 5.0.27 (15/09/2019)

Sending nodes process delivery reports fixes
Dynamic content tags updated
FBL Settings updated
PMTA dynamic SSH port
List import country mapping fixed
HTML structure spacing removed
Drip group enable/disable switch fixed
Preview broadcast fixes

Version: 5.0.26 (12/09/2019)

Cosmetic changes on broadcast scheduling page
Dynamic tags dropdown options optimized
UI responsiveness on triggers and bounce rules
Contact-ID variable added
Timezone on statistics summary page fixed
Other cosmetic changes

Version: 5.0.25 (02/09/2019)

Event processes queries optimized
Syntax errors fixed
Trigger stats tweaked
Multithreading certain fixes
Changes made in sending process
Fixes made in contacts import
Staff side issues fixed
Certain cosmetic changes

Version: 5.0.24 (27/08/2019)

Trigger fixes
Date field fixed for contact import
Certain fixes in callbacks

Version: 5.0.23 (23/08/2019)

Field mapping during import
Modules privileges
ESPs integration error handling
Timezone fixed
Date fields fixed
Other bugs fixed

Version: 5.0.22 (18/08/2019)

Custom branding fixes
Schedule broadcast for later fixed
Cosmetic changes
Fixes in bounce handling
DB version change
IMAP extension check
Secure URL option added
Other bugs fixed

Version: 5.0.21 (11/08/2019)

MySQL custom port
Added multithreading on contacts import
Cosmetic changes
Extra assets removed
Postmark issues fixed
Smtp2go issues fixed
Other bugs fixed

Version: 5.0.1 (03/08/2019)

Cron issue fixed
Certain changes in sending domains section
HTML special character issue fixed
User limits fixed
Cosmetic changes
Segments optimization
Client roles ACL updated
User roles ACL updated
Custom fields optimized
License attributes fixed
Import contacts list progress bar fixed
Sparkpost issues resolved
Sendgrid issues resolved
Mailjet issues resolved
Webview link fixed
Webform changes
Send email preview optimized
Ckfinder issue fixed
Language file optimized
Custom bounce reasons module development
Bounce reasons mapping added
Fixed installation errors
Optimized application speed
Added PHPMailer
Added dependency checks
Backend form validation
Dynamic menu
Trigger edit view fixed
Send broadcast exceptions added
Trigger cron time fixed
Other bugs fixed and features added

Version: 5.0.0 (25/07/2019)

Theme updated to latest
Triggers added
Trigger Stats added
Drip Campaigns added
Dynamic content tags added
Design optimization
Drag and Drop builder fixes
Inline dynamic tags added
API development

Version: 4.4.9 (29/04/2019)

Campaigns Limit Fixed
Added a feature 'system paused'
Added a feature to auto active smpts if in-activated for some reason

Version: 4.4.8 (19/04/2019)

Action Button for Verify Domain Masking Fixed
Import Contacts bug fixed,
Dashboard Stats for current Month fixed
Default time Updated
UI/UX fixed

Version: 4.4.7 (18/04/2019)

Added multi threading for campaigns
Segmentation fixed,
Sequential or Random smtp sending for campaigns
UI/UX fixed

Version: (12/02/2019)

Download sending domian keys fixed

Version: (01/02/2019)

PMTA issues fixed
Updated help issues

Version: (29/01/2019)

Forgot password fixed
Campaign Builder preview fixed
License verification changes udpated

Version: (23/01/2019)

Not to process bounces from AWS Ses, SendGrid, Mailgun, feature added
Added feature to proceed without adding the smpt info for bounces
Webform unsubscribe link issue Fixed
Addon issues bug fixed

Version: (15/01/2019)

Segmentation issues Fixed
Detailed statistics updated

Version: (09/01/2019)

PMTA selector issues fixed
Bounce processing stats fixed
Cyrillic symbols, which were not working in email subjects of the drip campaigns bug fixed
Drip preview issue fixed
Callback changes for third parties updated
Layout updation for setup sending nodes
Updated Mumara help steps

Version: (03/01/2019)

Tree view fixed
Added help for sending nodes

Version: (02/01/2019)

Added sending nodes, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Aol, etc
Selfhosted issues fixed
Web-form issues fixed

Version: 4.3.9 (19/12/2018)

Campaign preview can be send without subscriber id
Import issues fixed
Quick domain verification fixed

Version: 4.3.8 (12/12/2018)

Campaign default thread changes for statistics page fixed
Primary Domain compulsory for PowerMTA
License validation udpated