Mumara Campaigns (Changelog)


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Apr 9, 2019
6.3.01 (18/12/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 30 commits, and 139 files were changed.

  • Fixed: Cosmetic changes
6.3 (14/12/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 837 commits, and 304 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Added additional validations on add/edit contact
  • Enhancement: Dependency check added on the deletion of Dynamic content tags
  • Enhancement: Options added to handle duplicate contacts when merging the contact lists
  • Enhancement: Auto-resume Campaign upon limit reset
  • Enhancement: Dependency check and reassignment option added when deleting a package
  • Enhancement: RSS Feed Integration with dynamic content tags (Commercial ESP edition)
  • Enhancement: Multilingual support added (Commercial edition)
  • Enhancement: RTL support added
  • Enhancement: Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, and Spanish languages added (Commercial edition)
  • Enhancement: Bulk export functionality added for contact lists
  • Enhancement: New APIs added (addSendingNode/amazon, updateSendingNode/380, getSendingNode/21, getSendingNodes, getSendingDomains, getDrips, getWebForms, deleteSendingNodes/32, deleteDrips/42, deleteWebForms/:ids, deleteSendingDomain/:id, deleteTriggers/:ids, getTriggers)
  • Enhancement: User-level branding option added (Commercial ESP)
  • Enhancement: Unsubscribe link embed positions added
  • Enhancement: Additional systematic variables added for the email content
  • Enhancement: Added column to see the Last Activity on the Triggers page
  • Enhancement: Option added for additional headers in the Contact Lists and Broadcasts
  • Optimization: Added PHP dependencies check on the sending domain page
  • Optimization: SMTP response for Debugging has been logged upon connection validation
  • Optimization: Language files have been updated
  • Fixed: Popup for contact details for the segmented contacts
  • Fixed: Dedupe list certain fixes applied
  • Fixed: Additional headers fixed for the packages
  • Fixed: Fixed segmentation based on bounce reasons at a deeper level
  • Fixed: Data visibility for bounce code and bounce reason in Segmentation
  • Fixed: Handled certain exceptions in Triggers based on segments
  • Fixed: Editing profile picture
  • Fixed: Login screen logo for the branding addon
  • Fixed: Cron-based tracking fixed for the cloaking method
  • Fixed: Cosmetic changes
6.2.6 (26/09/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 339 commits, and 659 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Users whose login email matches can now retrieve their profile image from Gravatar
  • Enhancement: Added an Alt tag to the open pixel image
  • Enhancement: Introduced a 4096-bit Domain Key Size option for Sending Domains
  • Enhancement: Now offering the ability to select a sending domain when dispatching Drip Preview Emails
  • Enhancement: Enhanced Feedback Loop (FBL) Processing based on the Message-ID
  • Enhancement: Retention alert added in the segment add/edit page
  • Enhancement: Updated the language files
  • Optimization: Disabled the ability to edit custom field names and field types
  • Optimization: Evergreen campaigns for big numbers
  • Optimization: ESP Callbacks have been optimized
  • Optimization: Increased the delay time in list imports to prevent server overload
  • Optimization: Ensured seamless handling of special characters in names across various components
  • Fixed: Resolved specific UI issues in the Feedback Loop
  • Fixed: Fixed the edit trigger UI error in a specific case
  • Fixed: Schedule Campaign paused notification
  • Fixed: Displaying country name instead of country code in the View/Search Contacts
  • Fixed: Addressed exceptions in PMTA bounce processing in new installations
  • Fixed: Fixed the contact count issue when multiple campaigns are scheduled concurrently
  • Fixed: Resolved exceptions on the login screen when Recaptcha V3 is enabled
  • Fixed: The drip test preview with Amazon SES sending node case has been rectified
  • Fixed: Added exceptions when adding a web form template
  • Fixed: Duplicate email sending when scheduled on a segment
  • Fixed: Fixed the /addContact API for a certain case
  • Fixed: Cosmetic changes
6.2.5 (16/08/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 205 commits, and 160 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Users can now add/edit their profile pictures
  • Enhancement: Translation files enhanced
  • Enhancement: Separate Ajax calls on the dashboard
  • Optimization: Code-level optimization
  • Optimization: Accelerate campaign preparation for large contact lists
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Fixed: The initial setup guide visibility fixed for certain scenarios
  • Fixed: Handled Amazon SES case with a null value
  • Fixed: User-level assignment for the admin-assigned assets fixed for a specific case
  • Fixed: Open/click tracking when cloaking method is used and sender-information is fetched from the Contact Lists
  • Fixed: Domain key size in application settings
  • Fixed: API validation added for the /addList route
6.2.4 (25/05/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 47 commits, and 96 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Option added to view All/Unique records under the broadcast complaints tab
  • Enhancement: Dependency check added when deleting a user role
  • Optimization: The count query has been optimized for segments based on statistics
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Fixed: Sending Node failing case handled
  • Fixed: In some scenarios, the contact list is not visible on Zapier
  • Fixed: The issue fixed when downloading the domain key pair
6.2.3 (18/05/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 264 commits, and 91 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: A banner has been implemented to provide a visual indication whenever the Administrator makes edits to user assets
  • Enhancement: A new feature has been implemented to notify users of any dependencies errors during installation
  • Enhancement: Application settings Force Secure URL option implemented on GUI so all links would be automatically converted to HTTPS protocol
  • Enhancement: Permission for the Templates section has been added to the user role
  • Optimization: Certain scenarios handled in which the sending node becomes inactive
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Optimization: Advanced validations added for custom fields
  • Optimization: Auto-refresh specifically for the running campaigns implemented on the view scheduled campaigns page
  • Fixed: Send test preview is fixed for commercial license
  • Fixed: The counters for the duplicate and unique clicks
  • Fixed: Dropdown issue while editing a segment fixed for the advanced criteria
  • Fixed: Amazon sending node case handled for /sendEmail API
  • Fixed: The contact counter increment is fixed when a contact is added via the API
6.2.2 (30/05/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 78 commits, and 42 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Time dependency added to handle operations in large tables of the database
  • Enhancement: Error notification added for database time zone if not in UTC
  • Optimization: Update wizard functionality has been optimized
  • Fixed: Dynamic Tags unit rules broadcast group, For the past and is member of has been fixed
  • Fixed: UI fixes and exception handling in unit rule for mobile number in Dynamic Tags
  • Fixed: Time limit defined in App settings for Delete exported files
  • Fixed: Exceptions handled in Export all and Openers stats export
  • Fixed: Delete Exported files permission in User Role ACL
  • Fixed: Certain criteria in segments based on contact lists
  • Fixed: copy/move contact functionality of trigger on segments based on statistics
  • Fixed: Exporting evergreen statistics in specific criteria
  • Fixed: Handled skipped language in certain areas and in multiple email templates
  • Fixed: Tweaked evergreen campaigns scheduling and number of runs
  • Fixed: Handled hourly limit in user packages applied by the admin
  • Fixed: Cosmetic updates at several places
6.2.1 (11/05/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 5 commits, and 3 files were changed.

  • Fixed: An issue in the database migrations
6.2 (10/05/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 127 commits, and 113 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Toggle switch added to show only selected items in campaign scheduling
  • Enhancement: Prepare count percentage added for scheduled campaigns based on segments
  • Enhancement: Web version tag hyperlinked by default
  • Enhancement: ACL based on tags
  • Optimization: Clicked link tracking handled to get better performance
  • Optimization: Exceptions handled for overall application routes
  • Optimization: Certain UI responsive design updates and cosmetic changes
  • Optimization: Trigger functionality has been more optimized
  • Optimization: Extra spacing exception handled for custom fields
  • Fixed: Bounce and Feedback loop processing via IMAP for some instances
  • Fixed: Country selection when adding a unit rule for dynamic contact tag based on the mobile number
  • Fixed: Importing contacts via .txt file
  • Fixed: Trigger based on contact added to a list via a specific method, e.g., api, webform, interface, etc
  • Fixed: Preserved the selected values for the segments in edit mode for certain fields
  • Fixed: Timezone for the last activity column on the contact lists page
  • Fixed: White labeling applied on the missing spots
  • Fixed: Exporting Segments based on statistics in certain criteria
  • Fixed: Missing variables added on web forms
  • Fixed: Cosmetic changes at several places
6.1 (18/04/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 81 commits, and 4214 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Add Sending Domain API added
  • Enhancement: Adaptive search box added in triggers select contact list selection box
  • Enhancement: Added missing language content throughout language files
  • Enhancement: Flexible adjustment of attachments added in broadcasts
  • Optimization: Tweaked UI of Force Run button in cron settings
  • Optimization: Default Date/Time format selection handled
  • Optimization: Modified CKeditor source for better performance
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Fixed: Dynamic search box in broadcast stats
  • Fixed: Tweaked after login dashboard redirection
  • Fixed: Handled Drag & Drop Builder blank HTML issue
  • Fixed: Tweaked Amazon ESP sending node error logging
  • Fixed: Dynamic paths and files reconciliation handled for new installations
  • Fixed: Exceptions handled in IMAP/POP bounce processing
  • Fixed: Tweaked delete export files cron function
  • Fixed: Certain UI fixes and cosmetic updates
6.0 (06/04/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 357 commits, and 171 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Application has been upgraded to Laravel 9
  • Enhancement: Added a new SMTP driver, Symfony mailer
  • Enhancement: Two-Factor Authentication control added in ACL
  • Enhancement: Campaigns filter added in Dashboard under sending statistics
  • Enhancement: Active sessions IP address added in application security
  • Enhancement: Custom application title and login screen disclaimer added
  • Enhancement: Unsubscribed filter added in Based on statistics segmentation
  • Enhancement: Text editor added in Dynamic content tags
  • Enhancement: Google Analytics and Recaptcha added in application settings
  • Optimization: Tweaked webform templates editor and templates functionalities in webforms
  • Optimization: Service glitch exceptions handled in licensing
  • Optimization: Default chunk size to process records in database modified
  • Optimization: Tweaked Drag and Drop builder html template indentations
  • Optimization: User Authentication UI's modified
  • Optimization: Modified alphanumeric validation in custom fields
  • Fixed: Copy contacts to a list not working in segmentation
  • Fixed: Exporting broadcast stats with recipient's custom field data and Bots
  • Fixed: Revoked Domain suppression limit for admins
  • Fixed: Tweaked user roles for importing sending nodes and exporting large number of sending nodes
  • Fixed: User record filter removed from Professional and Personal package plan
  • Fixed: Dynamic content tags compatibility with text in inverted commas and multiple unit rules
  • Fixed: Endif validation on adding or updating any broadcast
  • Fixed: Tweaked allowed API actions in API roles
  • Fixed: Inline dynamic content tags not working with multiple if and else conditions
  • Fixed: Tweaked ESP sending nodes to remove conflicts with laravel 9
  • Fixed: Removed duplicate routes from the application for better user experience
  • Fixed: UI fixes in specific areas and cosmetic changes
5.4.7 (06/04/2023)
  • Description:
    This version is an intermediate version which should take you to PHP8.1 before you can update to version 6.0

  • Enhancement: Upgrade to PHP8.1
5.4.6 (13/03/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 141 commits, and 87 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Custom criteria view added for statistics pages
  • Enhancement: Branding reset option added
  • Enhancement: Export statistics in the background
  • Enhancement: Counters in human-readable format (K, M, B, etc.)
  • Enhancement: Trigger compatibility-check with segments
  • Enhancement: Cron-based email engagements tracking
  • Enhancement: Default credits reset option for ESP edition
  • Enhancement: Cron-based live events
  • Enhancement: Tracking domains real-time check for cloaking method
  • Optimization: Top domains chart on Dashboard
  • Optimization: Suppression management
  • Optimization: temp folder flushing
  • Fixed: Clicks increment on cron-based
  • Fixed: View addons duplicate entry
  • Fixed: Responsive issues for certain pages
  • Fixed: FTP verify path option during upgrade
  • Fixed: Segment move to list errors for a specific case
  • Fixed: Force unsubscribe link
5.4.5 (27/02/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 228 commits, and 93 files were changed.

  • Enhancement: Cloaking method realtime-check for Sending Domains
  • Enhancement: Addons database flow shifted to the Laravel migrations
  • Enhancement: More options added for the hooks execution
  • Enhancement: Custom criteria for triggers added (will be visible in next upgrade)
  • Enhancement: Custom fields support in Global Header/Footer
  • Enhancement: Contacts counter reset options in Application Settings
  • Enhancement: UI enhancements
  • Optimization: Several database tables optimized
  • Optimization: Hooks have been optimized
  • Optimization: Database tables storage type changed to InnoDB
  • Optimization: Several queries in the segmentation
  • Fixed: Inline spintags for the text version
  • Fixed: Broadcast attachments not showing for other admins
  • Fixed: Drag and Drop editor fixes
  • Fixed: dynamic tags compatibility with apostrophe characters
5.4.4 (08/02/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 31 commits, and 29 files were changed.

  • Optimization: Open/Click Processing
  • Fixed: Link clicked on broadcast statistics tab
  • Fixed: Dynamic tags apostrophe issue fixed for content units
5.4.3 (03/02/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 321 commits, and 138 files were changed. Furthermore, below mentioned are some distinguished tasks done in this update.

  • Enhancement: Broadcast-based statics filter added on the dashboard
  • Enhancement: Segment based on never-sent
  • Enhancement: Option to choose between pie-chart or bar-chart on the Statistics page
  • Enhancement: Suppression processing has been rebuilt
  • Enhancement: Suppression processing cron added
  • Enhancement: Contact timeline added
  • Enhancement: Triggers action limit option has been added
  • Enhancement: Cron-based open and click tracking options added for big processing
  • Enhancement: A/B options added for trigger stats
  • Enhancement: Add/Edit HTML option added to the drag-and-drop editor
  • Enhancement: Dynamic date filters added for the segments
  • Optimization: Several queries for Segmentation optimized
  • Optimization: White-labeling for sending node test emails
  • Optimization: Spintags and dynamic tags utilization has been optimized
  • Fixed: Edit segment for multiple contact lists selection
  • Fixed: Sending domain edit prefixes restriction for the ESP version
  • Fixed: Drip group sender-info selection
  • Fixed: getList API fixed for admin users
  • Fixed: Responsive issue fixed for testing bounced emails
  • Fixed: Web form URL redirection issue fixed
  • Fixed: SMTP import without bounce address
  • Fixed: Certain UI fixes and cosmetic changes
5.4.2 (19/01/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 46 commits, and 23 files were changed. Furthermore, below mentioned are some distinguished tasks done in this update.

  • Enhancement: Dependency checks are added upon deleting segments
  • Optimization: Certain queries optimized in the Triggers based on segments
  • Optimization: Trigger processing optimized for recursive criteria
  • Optimization: Subscriber count fixed for specific criteria in segments
  • Fixed: Segments criteria based on complaints and unsubscribed fixed
  • Fixed: Certain security fixes
  • Fixed: Advanced criteria in segments UI issue
  • Fixed: Cosmetic fixes
5.4.1 (16/01/2023)
  • Description:
    This version consists of 543 commits, and 354 files were changed. Massive work has been done to enhance the functionality and optimize several things, including segmentation, triggers, database indexing, and more. The list below is the prominent tasks done in this update.

  • Enhancement: Broadcast templates flow added
  • Enhancement: Templates gallery added
  • Enhancement: Ability to download templates from the gallery
  • Enhancement: Enable/Disable templates for users
  • Enhancement: Upload custom templates
  • Enhancement: Database upgrade shifted to Laravel Migrations
  • Enhancement: Ability to rollback the database to a previous version
  • Enhancement: Evergreen Campaigns added (addon)
  • Enhancement: Domain suppression limit added
  • Enhancement: More options added to the packages
  • Enhancement: Option to add different tracking domains when importing SMTPs
  • Enhancement: Search added to the admin ACL
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Optimization: Suppression flow has been optimized for big data and bulk users
  • Optimization: Emojies updated
  • Optimization: Tracking links have been optimized for fast processing
  • Optimization: Export functionality has been taken to the background
  • Optimization: Segments Move/Copy functionality optimized for big data
  • Optimization: Dynamic content tags conversion from the old to the new version
  • Optimization: Indexing added to several important database fields
  • Optimization: Hourly speed column added to the view scheduled broadcasts page
  • Fixed: Trigger cron time issue fixed in a specific case
  • Fixed: Rocket import issue fixed for commas in custom fields
  • Fixed: Realtime contacts deletion during running campaigns
  • Fixed: Download trigger stats
  • Fixed: Staff users visibility to the other super-administrators
  • Fixed: Webform redirection to remote sites
  • Fixed: Duplicate suppressed domains among multiple users
  • Fixed: Contacts counter fixed for multi-segments selection upon campaign scheduling
  • Fixed: Suppressed contacts CSV for the skipped contacts in broadcast statistics
  • Fixed: Search error fixed on triggers statistics pages
  • Fixed: Post-scheduling fetching timezone hour from the browser
5.4 (09/12/2022)
  • Note: >> This version needs PHP 7.4 to run. <<

  • Description:
    This version consists of 951 commits, and 338 files were changed. Very hard work has been done to optimize several things, including segmentation, export functionality for big data, database migrations, and more. The list below is the prominent tasks done in this update.

  • Enhancement: Broadcast templates flow added
  • Enhancement: Templates gallery added
  • Enhancement: Ability to download templates from the gallery
  • Enhancement: Enable/Disable templates for users
  • Enhancement: Upload custom templates
  • Enhancement: Database upgrade shifted to Laravel Migrations
  • Enhancement: Ability to rollback the database to a previous version
  • Enhancement: Evergreen Campaigns added (addon)
  • Enhancement: Domain suppression limit added
  • Enhancement: More options added to the packages
  • Enhancement: Option to add different tracking domains when importing SMTPs
  • Enhancement: Search added to the admin ACL
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Optimization: Suppression flow has been optimized for big data and bulk users
  • Optimization: Emojies updated
  • Optimization: Tracking links have been optimized for fast processing
  • Optimization: Export functionality has been taken to the background
  • Optimization: Segments Move/Copy functionality optimized for big data
  • Optimization: Dynamic content tags conversion from the old to the new version
  • Optimization: Indexing added to several important database fields
  • Optimization: Hourly speed column added to the view scheduled broadcasts page
  • Fixed: Trigger cron time issue fixed in a specific case
  • Fixed: Rocket import issue fixed for commas in custom fields
  • Fixed: Realtime contacts deletion during running campaigns
  • Fixed: Download trigger stats
  • Fixed: Staff users visibility to the other super-administrators
  • Fixed: Webform redirection to remote sites
  • Fixed: Duplicate suppressed domains among multiple users
  • Fixed: Contacts counter fixed for multi-segments selection upon campaign scheduling
  • Fixed: Suppressed contacts CSV for the skipped contacts in broadcast statistics
  • Fixed: Search error fixed on triggers statistics pages
  • Fixed: Post-scheduling fetching timezone hour from the browser
5.3.10 (10/10/2022)
  • Enhancement: Statistics summary graphs
  • Enhancement: Webform JSON response option added
  • Enhancement: Export pause/resume and retry options
  • Optimization: Email suppression rocket import
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Optimization: List export functionality for big data
  • Optimization: Callbacks processing for large queries
  • Optimization: Core optimization
  • Fixed: ESP callbacks exceptions
  • Fixed: Global headers validation
5.3.9 (23/09/2022)
  • Optimization: Change soft bounced status to not bounced if the email is delivered
  • Optimization: Removed unnecessary logging
  • Optimization: Trigger processing is optimized when the contacts are imported
  • Fixed: Re-activate the auto-inactive sending node fixed for the defined frequency
  • Fixed: Filters visibility on the scheduled campaigns page
  • Fixed: Logs default sorting by creation date on the broadcast stats page
5.3.8 (16/09/2022)
  • Enhancement: Template designs added in Webforms
  • Enhancement: Option to delete statistics data after a particular duration
  • Enhancement: Added suppressed filter in the segments
  • Enhancement: Triggers maintenance job added
  • Enhancement: Internal multi-threading added for drips
  • Enhancement: Export suppression ACL added in user role
  • Enhancement: Exporting broadcast stats notification added
  • Optimization: Exceptions handled at certain places
  • Optimization: Session Idle timeout
  • Fixed: Multiple scheduled campaigns delete option
  • Fixed: Additional headers in trigger-based broadcast
  • Fixed: Hyperlinks in dynamic content tags units fixed
  • Fixed: UI fixed for variables selection in dynamic content tags units
  • Fixed: Segments recount command
  • Fixed: Downloading exported files permissions issue fixed
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues
  • Fixed: Global email header/footer in some instances
  • Fixed: Tree view on the contact list page
5.3.7 (30/08/2022)
  • Enhancement: Date/Time format selection added to the locale under profile
  • Enhancement: PowerMTA addon redundant SFTP method
  • Optimization: Real-time counters on view scheduled campaigns page
  • Optimization: The campaign sending process is more optimized
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Fixed: Certain exceptions added
5.3.6 (19/08/2022)
  • Enhancement: Triggers and Drips have been optimized for Big Data
  • Enhancement: Timezone format section for email content
  • Enhancement: Added limit for the trigger number of actions
  • Optimization: Handling of the stuck drip queues
  • Fixed: Open tracking issue for certain cases
5.3.5 (12/08/2022)
  • Enhancement: Changed systematic variables dropdown to modern UI
  • Enhancement: Tracking domain SSL verification updated
  • Optimization: Drip processing queue methodology optimized
  • Optimization: Bounce processing via POP/IMAP
  • Optimization: Contacts rocket import flow updated
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
5.3.4 (08/08/2022)
  • Enhancement: API added for Drips
  • Enhancement: API added for Triggers
  • Enhancement: API added for Contacts Import
  • Enhancement: Added Tracking-ID as a broadcast variable
  • Enhancement: Option added to reset contacts limit monthly
  • Enhancement: DKIM added in sendEmail API
  • Optimization: Realtime contacts counter during import
  • Optimization: Webform synchronization with custom fields when editing
  • Optimization: POP/IMAP bounce processing optimized
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Fixed: Drip issue for specific criteria
  • Fixed: Send notification to the admin by trigger via Mailjet
  • Fixed: Broadcast content conditions support
  • Fixed: Default sorting on the triggers stats page
  • Fixed: Contact list import history showing wrong counter for invalids
  • Fixed: Filesize fixed when uploading an addon
  • Fixed: Redirection fixed after adding a drip
5.3.3 (27/06/2022)
  • Enhancement: Attachment feature added in drip
  • Enhancement: Custom return path added on the webform
  • Enhancement: Additional and systematic variables added in web forms
  • Enhancement: Maximum threads limit added in packages
  • Enhancement: Additional data added in the API response for the broadcast stats
  • Enhancement: Custom fields added in the contact List export
  • Enhancement: Custom path for the click files processing
  • Enhancement: Email pre-header/preview added for the broadcasts
  • Enhancement: Daily and monthly sending limit alerts added for the user
  • Optimization: Live events optimized
  • Optimization: Option added for empty values
  • Optimization: Programmatic variables and special characters handled in the broadcast HTML
  • Optimization: SSL certificate check
  • Optimization: Validation tweaked for the custom sender-info
  • Optimization: DKIM signature added for sending node test
  • Optimization: Scheduled campaign instant pause facility
  • Optimization: Search functionality added on multiple pages
  • Optimization: Handled several exceptions for the rocket import
  • Optimization: User roles optimized
  • Optimization: Several cosmetic changes
  • Fixed: Two-factor authentication enable/disable on certain browsers
  • Fixed: Dynamic content tag save if unit rule last input is empty
  • Fixed: Broadcast stats opened/clicked tab default sorting by date
  • Fixed: Dashboard counter for the emails sent this month
  • Fixed: Newly created spintag for drips fixed
  • Fixed: Column sorting fixed on the exported files page
5.3.2 (26/04/2022)
  • Enhancement: Exported data page and options
  • Enhancement: Main menu synchronization command
  • Enhancement: Licensing added for the developers
  • Enhancement: API Enhancement
  • Enhancement: Notification on the list export
  • Enhancement: Download option for the exported file added in the top dropdown
  • Optimization: Some tweaks on drip campaigns
  • Optimization: Notification dropdown responsiveness
  • Optimization: Install/update addons functionality
  • Fixed: Some notifications had conflicts
  • Fixed: Some of the clicks URL stripping out
  • Fixed: Delete addition data upon contacts deletion
  • Fixed: sendigdomain variable conversion in the web version
  • Fixed: Inactive bounce rules still being processed
  • Fixed: Users custom fields removed when adding segments from the Admin side
  • Fixed: Scheduling on segments not showing segment names on the stats page
  • Fixed: Exporting all stats
  • Fixed: Editing sending node dropdown selection disabled
  • Fixed: Horizontal scroll on the statistics page
5.3.1 (14/03/2022)
  • Fixed: Clicks counter issue in Stats Summary
  • Fixed: Threads limitation
  • Fixed: View scheduled page status update
5.3 (11/03/2022)
  • Enhancement: Return-path added on webforms
  • Enhancement: Custom fields and systematic variables support added to the web form content
  • Enhancement: Export functionality rebuilt and secured
  • Enhancement: Separate page added for exported files
  • Enhancement: PowerMTA addon download button added for DNS records
  • Enhancement: Counters made live on the scheduled campaigns page for the running campaigns
  • Enhancement: Counters made live on the contact lists page for the lists under import or export
  • Enhancement: Counters made live on the segments page for the segments under creation or export
  • Enhancement: Validation added in broadcast preview
  • Enhancement: Bots column added while exporting stats
  • Enhancement: Failed sending nodes notifications added to issues for triggers and drips
  • Enhancement: Importing comma-separated txt file support
  • Enhancement: Systematic variables added for sending_domain and masking_domain
  • Enhancement: Spintags support in email headers
  • Optimization: Using custom sender-id while scheduling validation added
  • Optimization: Addons installation flow
  • Optimization: Contact lists page loading
  • Optimization: HTML stripping when browser plugins interfere
  • Optimization: IPs distribution over domains in PowerMTA setup wizard
  • Optimization: ESP callbacks processing highly optimized
  • Optimization: Default mail attributes set in the application settings
  • Fixed: Domain key size variation in Application Settings
  • Fixed: Responsive issues on certain placed
  • Fixed: Drag and drop editor images using absolute paths
  • Fixed: Web version certain issues fixed
  • Fixed: Email suppression bulk deletion using references
  • Fixed: GeoIP folder permissions check added
  • Fixed: Trigger delivery statuses for PowerMTA
  • Fixed: Elastic Email JSON invalid response exception added
  • Fixed: Callbacks for triggers statistics
  • Fixed: In domain suppression, downloading duplicates after importing a file
  • Fixed: Export bounce addresses giving 403 error
  • Fixed: Admin-assigned sending domain added to drips
  • Fixed: Contacts importing in certain cases mixing up columns
  • Fixed: Tracking pixel visibility in outlook and other similar mail clients
  • Fixed: Visibility added in triggers for the contact lists having no contacts
  • Fixed: Cosmetic changes
5.2.4 (27/01/2022)
  • Enhancement: Export suppressed emails/domains
  • Enhancement: ESP Module command for creating additional ESP integrations
  • Enhancement: Tracking domain switch added in sending node
  • Enhancement: A/B reporting for clicks by browser
  • Enhancement: List-Unsubscribe added for drips
  • Enhancement: A/B reporting for top clicks
  • Fixed: Several minor fixes
  • Fixed: Email text body line separation
  • Fixed: PowerMTA addon certain fixes
  • Fixed: Sending nodes export certain fixes
  • Fixed: API fixes
  • Fixed: Unsubscribe link forcibly adding to the web version
  • Fixed: Admin assigned sending nodes group
  • Optimization: Statistics pages are optimized by initially hiding the email address and list name
  • Optimization: Indexing added for several fields
  • Optimization: Bounce processing optimization
5.2.3 (24/12/2021)
  • Fixed: Contact Limits issue for new installation
  • Fixed: Primary domain verification in certain cases
  • Fixed: Memory exhaust issue for inline spingtags for certain cases
  • Fixed: Feedback loops exceptions added
  • Fixed: HTTP_AGENT exception handling for headless browsers
5.2.2 (23/12/2021)
  • Enhancement: Dashboard counters converted into units for big numbers
  • Enhancement: Conditions added for Bot opens/clicks
  • Enhancement: tags support added for tracking domains
  • Fixed: Cloak tracking method tweaks
  • Fixed: User-agent updated for geo-tracking
5.2.1 (22/12/2021)
  • Enhancement: Detect bot engagements
  • Enhancement: Exclude bot opens and clicks
  • Enhancement: DNS lookup gateways added in application settings
  • Enhancement: Sending test emails will now increment to the limits
  • Enhancement: View contacts page columns prioritization and sorting added
  • Enhancement: Control user notifications from application settings
  • Enhancement: Alert added on broadcast add/edit page
  • Enhancement: Option to add/remove return-path and custom reply email
  • Optimization: Cosmetic changes
  • Fixed: Global header/footer certain issues
  • Fixed: Datatable search box in firefox
  • Fixed: Export drip statistics
5.2.0 (07/12/2021)
  • Enhancement: Modular hierarchy for Sending Nodes
  • Enhancement: Developers can integrate new Sending Nodes themselves
  • Enhancement: Bounce processing functionality and bounce rules updated
  • Enhancement: Mailgun multi-region support
  • Enhancement: Live sending graph added on dashboard
  • Enhancement: Design changes for top bar dropdowns
  • Enhancement: Notifications dropdown more features added
  • Enhancement: Notices added for bounce rules and sending nodes hierarchy
  • Enhancement: Export option added for broadcast stats and trigger stats
  • Enhancement: Trigger edit options
  • Enhancement: data-name attributes added for all divs
  • Enhancement: Output hook added based on data-name attributes
  • Enhancement: Validation added for sending nodes, domains, contact lists on schedule
  • Enhancement: Placeholder added for the search box
  • Enhancement: Campaign preparation percentage added on view scheduled campaigns page
  • Enhancement: Auto-refresh table option added on view scheduled campaigns page
  • Enhancement: Include recipients custom fields in stats export
  • Enhancement: Import a broadcast from a URL
  • Enhancement: Option added to download images when importing broadcast from a URL
  • Enhancement: Top clicked links added under A/B tab in broadcast statistics
  • Enhancement: Bulk delete option added for the scheduled campaigns
  • Enhancement: Status column added on sending nodes and users pages
  • Enhancement: Dependency check on deleting a sending domain
  • Enhancement: Dependency check on deleting a sending node
  • Enhancement: Dependency check on deleting a contact list
  • Enhancement: Dependency check on deleting a segment
  • Enhancement: Re-assign assets to a new sending domain upon deletion
  • Enhancement: Re-assign assets to a new sending node upon deletion
  • Enhancement: Mumara ONE sending node added
  • Enhancement: MD5 suppression support
  • Enhancement: Generate MD5 hashes for the existing contacts
  • Enhancement: Added more fields in segment export
  • Enhancement: Inline conditional content support
  • Enhancement: addContact API added more optional parameters
  • Enhancement: API added for getBroadcastGroups and getListGroups
  • Enhancement: Retain statistics upon the deletion of the contacts
  • Enhancement: Checkbox options on creating a segment on advanced criteria
  • Enhancement: Timezone automatic daylight saving support
  • Enhancement: Emoji support in drips
  • Enhancement: Additional headers added in the drip campaigns
  • Enhancement: Callbacks updated and optimized for all ESPs
  • Enhancement: Gmail Feedback-ID header support
  • Fixed: Sending domain notice for the additional staff member without a sending domain
  • Fixed: Primary domain confirmation button
  • Fixed: Alert messages alignment issue fixed
  • Fixed: Cosmetic changes for Mac screens
  • Fixed: Drag & drop editor full width
  • Fixed: Elastic email error in certain cases
  • Fixed: Add a new group should select newly added group automatically
  • Fixed: Validation on dynamic tags without unit rules
  • Fixed: Bounce status on the edit contact page
  • Fixed: Certain parameters state on broadcast reschedule
  • Fixed: UI for adding a bounce rule
  • Fixed: The default state for adding triggers is active now
  • Fixed: Sending node deletion
  • Fixed: Contact lists empty groups not showing in the tree view
  • Fixed: Hide empty groups on the schedule page
  • Fixed: Admin can move the contact lists to a group added by another admin
  • Fixed: Broadcast error fixed on add/edit if HTML tag has similar syntax as of the spin tag
  • Fixed: Live events deleted contacts handling
  • Fixed: CKeditor public access removed
  • Fixed: Validation on adding a new user account
  • Fixed: Admin-assigned bounce address not showing in triggers under Custom Sender-Info
  • Fixed: Re-export a list should now download the fresh file
  • Fixed: Import contact list with special characters
  • Fixed: Rocket import fixed when a custom field has a comma-separated value
  • Fixed: Import contacts page not showing contact lists
  • Fixed: Broadcast attachment doesn't remove in certain cases
  • Fixed: Broadcast stats page sorting by email address
  • Fixed: Responsive issue for certain pages on specific screens
  • Fixed: Custom fields sorting by creation date
  • Fixed: Admin creating a trigger to add contacts to the suppression list showing user lists
  • Fixed: Image fixed in the email preview while scheduling the campaign
  • Fixed: exported CSV file access using direct URL blocked
  • Fixed: Admin roles sorting by creation date
  • Fixed: Redirection fixed for triggers and drip groups after saving
  • Fixed: Insecure URL issue fixed when opening the web form dialogue box
  • Fixed: Bounce address test connection
  • Fixed: View segment criteria issue in certain case
  • Fixed: CKEditor image path issue on certain environments
  • Fixed: Validation added in web forms
  • Fixed: Staff should see all segments added by other staff members while adding a trigger
  • Fixed: Cosmetic fixes
  • Optimization: Option to enable/disable the vars in hooks
  • Optimization: Hooks queue and sync method enhanced
  • Optimization: Bulk update module functionality
  • Optimization: Live events hierarchy optimized
  • Optimization: Triggers criteria and functionality optimized at the backend
  • Optimization: Pageload Speed and Performance
  • Optimization: CSS/JS optimized on the add/edit broadcast page
  • Optimization: Google charts replaced by local charts
  • Optimization: PowerMTA logs processing
  • ESP Edition: Set a domain as the sandbox
  • ESP Edition: Limit a contact list by number of contacts
  • ESP Edition: Enable/Disable a contact list
  • ESP Edition: Disable adding/importing contacts with confirmed status
  • ESP Edition: Enable/Disable individual sending domains
  • ESP Edition: Bounce processing method to route bounce emails to a bounce server
  • ESP Edition: Default return-path/bounce domain
  • ESP Edition: SPF include domain
  • ESP Edition: Ability for users to authenticate their own custom bounce domains
  • ESP Edition: Sending domain selection on the broadcast preview
  • ESP Edition: Disable sending from unauthenticated domains
  • ESP Edition: Disable users to edit the default DKIM Selector
  • ESP Edition: Disable users to edit the default Tracking Domain Prefix
  • ESP Edition: Disable users to edit the default Bounce Domain
  • ESP Edition: Disable users to Download Domain Keys
  • ESP Edition: Disable users to Regenerate the Domain Keys
  • ESP Edition: Disable CNAME option for the Tracking Domain
  • ESP Edition: Disable .htaccess option for the Tracking Domain
  • ESP Edition: Disable CLOAK option for the Tracking Domain
  • ESP Edition: Overwrite Tracking Domain Value
  • ESP Edition: Enable Fallback DKIM
  • ESP Edition: Disable sending emails to the unconfirmed contacts
5.1.33 (12/08/2021)
  • Enhancement: Added web fonts to the local resource
  • Fixed: Sending Domains verified status when added from PowerMTA addon
  • Fixed: SparkPost Callback URL
  • Optimization: Composer optimized
5.1.32 (11/08/2021)
  • Enhancement: Stats preservation upon the contact deletion
  • Enhancement: Comma handling in campaign content for special languages
  • Enhancement: Cosmetic changes
  • Enhancement: Delete custom fields data when unassigned
  • Enhancement: Whitelist IP subnets
  • Fixed: Set the default number of threads
  • Fixed: Auto-inactive SMTP fix for certain cases
  • Fixed: Global headers issue fixed
5.1.31 (28/06/2021)
  • Enhancement: addUser & editUser API hashed password param
  • Enhancement: Webform %%error%% variable to catch/display the error
  • Enhancement: Broadcast page design
  • Enhancement: Cosmetic changes
  • Enhancement: Add bounce status in the Segment based on Contact List
  • Enhancement: Segment numeric filter lesser than or greater than
  • Enhancement: Export stats all columns added
  • Enhancement: Pre-assigned assets to the package visibility in the webform
  • Enhancement: Hooks added on auth pages
  • Enhancement: Trigger when a custom field value is changed via API
  • Fixed: Auto-resume broadcast upon connection reestablishment
  • Fixed: Custom Fields sorting
  • Fixed: Contacts limit on copy list function
  • Fixed: Edit long primary domains
  • Fixed: Emojis in subject line
  • Fixed: PostMark error on test connection
  • Fixed: Pre-assigned bounce address visibility in sending node
  • Optimization: User limits check classes optimization
5.1.30 (11/06/2021)
  • Enhancement: Segment exclude criteria added under Advanced Criteria
  • Enhancement: Disable admin notifications on the webform
  • Enhancement: Overwrite user limits
  • Enhancement: Segments based on empty values
  • Enhancement: Segment filter greater than or lesser than an integer value
  • Enhancement: Hooks added for Sending Domain module actions
  • Enhancement: Delete a bounce address dependency check and replace it with another bounce address
  • Enhancement: Error message displayed when importing broadcast from a URL and added an alternative use of curl
  • Enhancement: Added SSL status on Sending Domain page
  • Enhancement: SSL/TLS support while sending a test preview
  • Enhancement: Sending Domain page no-reload upon confirmation or recheck
  • Enhancement: Application-level settings shifted to application_settings table and removed from user_settings
  • Enhancement: Error codes added to the API
  • Enhancement: Help text added at several places
  • Enhancement: Hooks added on login/logout pages
  • Enhancement: Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality added
  • Enhancement: Added statuses for the Sending Domains
  • Enhancement: Cosmetic changes
  • Optimized: Send a drip to the existing contacts in a segment
  • Optimized: Daily and monthly sending limits
  • Optimized: System-wide contacts limit on user accounts
  • Optimized: Classes added for the limits
  • Optimized: Cron-based callback processing
  • Optimized: Tracking headers to avoid spammy behavior
  • Fixed: Webform not showing pre-assigned sending domain to the package
  • Fixed: Duplicate entries via web form
  • Fixed: Selection option changed to the checkboxes when adding a trigger based on a segment
  • Fixed: Required custom fields made mandatory
  • Fixed: Webform error messages updated
  • Fixed: Dashboard Opened by Device graph responsiveness
  • Fixed: Activity logs across the users
  • Fixed: Use of the associated tracking domain when an admin uses a sending domain added by another admin
  • Fixed: Importing contacts with a single alphabet first name
  • Fixed: Duplicate sending domain presence while editing a list
  • Fixed: Admin can export the contact lists of other users
  • Fixed: Send a test email from the Gmail node
  • PS: You can not downgrade to any prior version from this version
5.1.29 (06/04/2021)
  • Enhancement: Webhooks added
  • Enhancement: Queues driver added for hook processing
  • Enhancement: Addon built-in licensing hierarchy added for developers
  • Enhancement: Added language and RTL plugin for CKEditor
  • Enhancement: Activity logs enhanced
  • Enhancement: Filters added on the View Contacts page
  • Enhancement: SendMail API added
  • Enhancement: Copy a Drip
  • Enhancement: Domain status added
  • Enhancement: Google Recaptcha added for web forms
  • Enhancement: Sending nodes test connection grid
  • Enhancement: GeoIP database updated
  • Enhancement: Search added for the assets while campaign scheduling
  • Fixed: Parentheses brackets support in email content
  • Fixed: Webform confirmation link fixed for specific cases
  • Fixed: Dashboard counter fixes as per the user timezone
  • Fixed: Spintag API placeholder
  • Fixed: Skipping suppressed domains for triggers
  • Fixed: Duplicate tracking headers for PHPMailer
  • Fixed: Email suppression sorting
  • Fixed: User Roles/ACL
  • Fixed: Broadcast chart minor fixes
  • Added: Help icon display/hide option in Application Settings
  • Added: ACL added for the Access Logs
  • Added: Drag n Drop Editor background image functionality
  • Added: Email history data tables and search options
  • Added: System-wide contacts limits
  • Added: System-wide contacts limits
  • Changed: Drip default sorting order by Delay (05/03/2021)
  • Split Test minor fixes
  • API Key backend validation on delete
5.1.28 (03/03/2021)
  • Contacts Import - countries mapping via shortcode and ID
  • Sender Info added to web forms for the confirmation email
  • Users segments removal from admin scheduling
  • Staff user soft/hard delete
  • Staff user migrate assets to another staff user upon deletion
  • Drag & Drop editor special character fixed in the image name
  • Language file updated
  • Send preview while editing a node fixed
  • Dashboard charts timezone synchronized for certain filters
  • More system variables added for broadcasts
  • Cloaking method optimization for images
  • Segments bullets added while scheduling
  • Send preview while scheduling for SendGrid fixed
  • Broadcast stats Logs datatables error for certain cases fixed
  • Contact list export certain fixes
  • Contacts import override creation date for selected format enhancement
  • Suppression flow optimization for user case
  • Intellectual sending pattern added for triggers and drips
5.1.27 (15/02/2021)
  • CLI for campaign pause, resume, delete
  • Added MTA response for trigger stats
  • DB check module issue fixed
  • Bounce processing more exceptions added
  • Bounce processing more exceptions added
  • Drip long destination URL encoding optimized
  • Subscriber history exceptions added for certain cases
  • Bounce address host field validation enhanced
  • Certain fixes for cloak tracking
  • GeoIP database fixes for certain cases
  • SMTP persistent TLS connection for the batches optimized (05/02/2021)
  • Message correction upon unsubscribe
  • Datatables fixed in broadcast stats under the bounced tab (04/02/2021)
  • Tracking domain cloaking method URL encoding enhancement
  • Tracking domain cloaking method Image URL masking
  • Unique clicks counter fixed for the recent update
  • GeoIP database updated
5.1.26 (03/02/2021)
  • Duplicate custom field issue for staff members
  • Custom field utilization among staff members
  • PHP tracking method for sending domains added
  • Segment creation without criteria validation added
  • Commandline via browser authentication added
  • Campaign system-pause handling upon connection failure
  • Campaign resume/auto-resume handling if threads are running in the background
  • Email sending process optimization
  • PowerMTA unique passwords for all SMTPs
  • Date type custom field handling
  • IP suppression for long IP list
  • Webform date field time removed
  • DKIM verification method changed
  • Application-level contacts limit
  • Forgot password handling if no MTA found
5.1.25 (19/01/2021)
  • Dedupe contact list
  • API Enhancement: Delete contact list
  • Speed throttling for a running campaign
  • Campaign scheduling with Gmail node certain fixes
  • Drag & Drop email editor RTL support (Right to Left)
  • Bulk delete contacts within selected list for large contacts fixed
  • View scheduled broadcasts sort by number of contacts
  • User exceeding allowed number of sending domains handling
  • User exceeding allowed number of sending nodes handling
  • Queries optimized for the notifications bar
  • Feedback loops processing fixed for empty mailboxes
  • Segment export for large contacts
  • View segment subscribers for bigger segments optimized
  • Deleting bulk sending domains dependencies added
  • Counters counter on user's dashboard fixed
  • PHP Redirection added for tracking domains
  • Addon error handling and recheck button added
  • Application-level speed limits enhancement
  • Segments based on stats validation added
  • Module optimization for the segment export, copy, move
  • The percentage added for segment export, copy, move
  • Pause/resume added for segment copy and move
  • Download domain key pair error fixed
5.1.24 (07/01/2021)
  • Load application settings from config (speed optimization)
  • IPs validation added for the user-side API
  • Delete user via command line dependencies added
  • API Enhancement: Delete a User
  • Update API regenerate issue fixed on user-side
  • User soft/hard delete enhancement
  • Kill user session upon suspension
  • Kill user session upon password change via API
  • Authentication logs sorting added
  • Skip unconfirmed while sending emails option added
  • Contact Lists tree-view changes
  • Reset password by email fixed
  • Broadcasts sort by subject line added
  • Contacts import for a newly created admin UI changes
  • Recount segments cron added
  • Contacts import support for the .txt files
  • Development mode banner added on Dashboard
  • Domain suppression enhancement
  • Deleting a sending domain and reassign a new domain to the associated assets
  • Unsubscribe confirmation step added
  • Adding elastic node fixed
  • Breadcrumb fixed while adding Amazon Sending Node
  • Dashboard graph stats by device fixed for the custom range
  • Custom fields embedding for the instantly triggered emails fixed
  • Zapier integration enhancement
  • Tracking domain hierarchy for Gmail fixed if turned off
  • Export segment enhancement
  • Handling for the deleted lists in segments
  • Click stats refresh icon fixed
5.1.23 (25/12/2020)
  • User Soft/Hard deletion
  • Staff Soft/Hard deletion
  • add/update/delete User API added
  • Several API enhancements
  • Scheduling process cosmetic changes
  • Suppression validation
  • ACL enhancement for admin roles
  • SMTP connection advanced settings added
  • Addons install/update hierarchy updated
  • Command-lines added for several actions
  • Delete orphan contacts
  • Composer updated
  • Dashboard contacts counter queries updated
  • Dynamic content tags extra spaces issue fixed
  • Restore soft-deleted users and admins
  • Force delete soft-deleted users and admins
  • View soft-deleted users/admins
  • Dynamic tags support for empty fields
  • Bounce address export fixed
  • Sending domain cname/htaccess option selection
  • Firefox scroll issue fixed
  • Tree-view selection fixed for the first group
  • Broadcast stats sort by schedule label fixed
5.1.22 (17/12/2020)
  • Dashboard notification block time and text conflict resolved
  • Contact List name route fixed on view all subscribers page
  • View email history error fixed
  • Addons management enhancement
  • Custom application title throughout language files
  • Deleting contact list issue fixed
  • Added additional settings in SMTP node for SSL and TLS
  • Dynamic tags enhancements
  • Validate SMTP connection button reactivate upon failure (11/12/2020)
  • URL encoding quoted-printable fix
  • Queries optimizations for staff side (10/12/2020)
  • Emojis fixed for Email Content
5.1.21 (09/12/2020)
  • Split Test fixes
  • Zapier enhancement
  • Dashboard Live Events optimization
  • API enhancement
  • User Delete functionality added
  • Delete Assets commands added
  • Content-Transfer-Encoding added for send preview
  • Gmail mail-encoding issue fixed
  • Unsubscribe and Web-version tracking added for TEXT version
  • Duplicated clicks issue fixed
  • List selection on adding a Custom Field validation
  • SMTP debug detailed log
  • API Key default state as active
  • Port-Schedule a campaign timer fixed
  • Staff members list sharing for web forms added
  • Addons Management hierarchy enhanced
  • Editing API role creating duplicated API key fixed
  • Removed extra code
  • Cosmetic changes (12/11/2020)
  • Fixed: Cosmetic changes
5.1.20 (12/11/2020)
  • Enhancement: Live Events added to the dashboard
  • Enhancement: Cron interval auto-fetch from server
  • Enhancement: Sending Nodes import for other types
  • Enhancement: Overwrite FROM NAME while scheduling a broadcast
  • Enhancement: Overwrite SUBJECT while scheduling a broadcast
  • Enhancement: Send a Preview email while scheduling a broadcast
  • Enhancement: Email charset is set to UTF-8
  • Enhancement: API Role permissions rebuild command added
  • Enhancement: Drag n Drop email editor modules
  • Enhancement: Google API Key added for the dashboard graphs
  • Enhancement: Text alignment added to drag n drop email editor
  • Enhancement: Kill a running process
  • Enhancement: Dynamic tags support in subject lines
  • Enhancement: Segments based on stats upon user assets
  • Enhancement: Rebuild PowerMTA server
  • Enhancement: Addons section enhancement
  • Enhancement: API rate-limiting added
  • Enhancement: Cosmetic changes for datatables
  • API Enhanced
  • API enhancement: Update a contact as Complaint
  • API enhancement: Update a contact as Unsubscribed
  • API enhancement: Update a contact as Soft/Hard Bounced
  • API enhancement: Add a Broadcast
  • API enhancement: Update a Broadcast
  • API enhancement: Get Broadcasts
  • API enhancement: Delete Broadcasts
  • API enhancement: Schedule a Broadcast/Campaign
  • API enhancement: Add a Custom Field
  • API enhancement: Update a Custom Field
  • API enhancement: Delete a Custom Field
  • API enhancement: Get Custom Fields
  • API enhancement: Get Custom Fields assigned to a List
  • API enhancement: Add emails/domains/IPs to the Suppression List
  • API enhancement: Get Suppressed subscribers/emails/IPs
  • API enhancement: Remove subscribers/emails/IPs from the suppression list
  • API enhancement: Add a Bounce Address
  • API enhancement: Update a Bounce Address
  • API enhancement: Delete a Bounce Address
  • API enhancement: Get Bounce Addresses
  • API enhancement: Add a Bounce Rule
  • API enhancement: Update a Bounce Rule
  • API enhancement: Delete a Bounce Rule
  • API enhancement: Get Bounce Rules
  • API enhancement: Add FBL account
  • API enhancement: Update FBL account
  • API enhancement: Delete FBL account
  • API enhancement: Get FBL accounts
  • API enhancement: Add a Spintag
  • API enhancement: Update a Spintag
  • API enhancement: Delete a Spintag
  • API enhancement: Get Spintags
  • API enhancement: Get Activity Logs
  • API enhancement: Get Broadcast Stats (Summary)
  • API enhancement: Get Broadcast Stats (Opened)
  • API enhancement: Get Broadcast Stats (Clicked)
  • API enhancement: Get Broadcast Stats (Bounced)
  • API enhancement: Get Broadcast Stats (Unsubscribed)
  • API enhancement: Get Broadcast Stats (Complaints)
  • API enhancement: Get Broadcast Stats (Logs)
  • Fixed: Cron error notice removed from the user panel
  • Fixed: Edit a package redirect
  • Fixed: Edit dynamic tag route updated
  • Fixed: View full changelog in the notification bar
  • Fixed: Broadcast preview for Amazon SES type
  • Fixed: Segments based on stats for specific criteria
  • Fixed: Web view for the soft-deleted contact
  • Fixed: Drag n Drop empty content sending wrong data
  • Fixed: Custom field with an apostrophe
  • Fixed: Search in drip groups
  • Fixed: 404 on editing a bounce rule
  • Fixed: Make copies of a contact list
  • Fixed: Drag n drop editor templates responsiveness
  • Fixed: Broadcast stats search under logs tab
  • Fixed: Drip age in certain cases
  • Fixed: Broadcast system-paused on the random selection of sending nodes
  • Misc: Removed unnecessary API endpoints (06/10/2020)
  • Minor fixes (05/10/2020)
  • Bounce address error fixed
  • Webform custom field error fixed
  • SFTP method update error fixed
  • Sending Nodes random selection system-paused fixes
5.1.11 (03/10/2020)
  • Changed internal routes and permalinks
  • Dashboard opened by device custom date range added
  • Contact lists bulk tools - delete suppressed contacts fixed
  • Domain suppression validation on edit blade
  • Language variables added
  • User side API edit
  • Send a drip to the existing contacts
  • Addons hierarchy has been added
  • Create custom Addons
  • Upload addons
  • Mailer classes updated
  • Pre-assign default sending nodes to user packages
  • Pre-assign default bounce addresses to user packages
  • Disable PowerMTA server for DSN processing
  • Merge contact list into another fixed
  • Attachment fixed for the broadcast based on triggers
  • Skipped contacts breakup added on the Broadcast statistics page
  • Copying a list including contacts error fixed
  • HTML editor text alignment added
  • Drag and Drop email builder empty content exception added
  • Mobile-view branding added
5.1.10 (09/09/2020)
  • Logo branding in mobile view
  • Header colors fixed
  • API Keys scroll fixed
  • Mini navigation dropdown z-index fixed
  • Changelog in notification email added
  • Drip email broken images a specific case fixed
  • Dashboard stats for this month optimized
  • CKEditor enhancements
5.1.09 (04/09/2020)
  • Custom fields support in drips subject line
  • Mumara variables cached
  • Import default settings
  • Config reload on Licensing page
  • Domain validation on suppression
  • API auth test exceptions
  • Trigger stats graph updated
  • Delete dynamic tags error fixed
  • Dynamic tags for empty values
  • A segment criteria fixed
  • Sending process optimization
  • Drip hyperlinks if tracking domain is disabled
  • Sync DB with Mumara update servers
  • Edit dynamic tags repeater added (28/08/2020)
  • Rocket import optimization
  • Webform fixes
  • Segment fixes on certain criteria
5.1.08 (26/08/2020)
  • Send an email to admin when an update is available
  • Small optimizations
  • Drag and Drop editor tweaks (25/08/2020)
  • Drip tweaks
  • Licensing page tweaks
5.1.07 (19/08/2020)
  • Dynamic tag empty value support
  • Rocket Import fixes for radio option fields
  • Session-based user data
  • Feedback Loops process enhancement
  • Amazon Sending Node issue fixed for empty additional headers
  • AJAX-based Dashboard counters
  • Security page error fixed
  • UI/UX Optimization for several pages
  • Drag & Drop editor dynamic fields copy function added
  • Speed optimization
  • Mini menu positioning fixed
  • Create user API enhancement
  • View segment criteria
  • Alter table queries optimization
  • Custom fields data visibility
  • Running processes header link rebuilt
  • Language file updates
  • Dashboard optimization and reduced page size
  • Hide inactive sending nodes in the scheduling process
  • Forgot password flow optimization
  • Broadcast statistics page logs query optimization
  • Other small enhancements and fixes (07/08/2020)
  • AddUser API (06/08/2020)
  • Segment criteria visibility issue fixed
  • Notifications menu active tab
  • Auto-resume stuck campaigns after 5 minutes
5.1.06 (31/07/2020)
  • Language files fully updated
  • List import loader style fixed
  • View running processes
  • Feedback Loop property id issue fixed
  • Inactive sending nodes hidden on sending process
  • Waiting for execution fixed for system-paused campaigns
  • Bounce Rules API added
  • Remove Test connection for ESP types
  • Built-in PHPinfo added
  • Add a contact via API for duplicate value fixed
  • Mumara API enhanced
  • Tracking pixel changed
  • HTML email header changed to comply with the standards
  • Broadcast logs filter by event type fixed
  • Broadcast statistics page optimized for quick load
  • Segment by statistics optimized for certain criteria
  • Validation removed from reply email
  • Segment issue fixed for the member of criteria
  • Forgot password feature enhanced
  • In-line spintags added
  • Login as user option added
  • Sending process shifted to queues and tasks
  • Email text version content formatting optimized
  • Dashboard top domains queries optimized
  • Filters updated on view scheduled broadcasts page
  • Treeview maintain previous selection fixed
  • Debug logs cosmetic changes
  • Statistics page character count limit added
  • Trigger processing enhanced and optimized
  • PowerMTA copy DNS values issue fixed
  • Main menu active class updated
  • CSS versioning
  • Reset password page cosmetic changes
  • Reset password email branding added
  • GeoIP database updated
5.1.05 (20/07/2020)
  • User Interface enhancements
  • Navigation speed optimization
  • Theme structure customization
  • Dashboard running queries optimization
  • Campaign preparation and sending methodology optimized
  • Queue based multi threading
  • Vertical bar separated spintags support added
  • Extra JS removed
  • GeoIP databased updated
  • ip2location process method changed
  • Security section added
  • IP based login restriction
  • See active sessions
  • Terminate any active session
  • Kill remote sessions upon password change
  • Two Factor Authentication enhanced
  • Session based access level
  • Several database queries optimized
  • Cron based click tracking
  • Trigger recursive functionality
  • Segmentation enhanced
  • PowerMTA wizard enhancements
  • Suppression flow improved and synchronization added
  • Login validation
  • Campaign sending process optimized and speedup
  • Skeleton placeholders for elements
  • Config cached
  • Fixed drip case for Sendgrid
  • Queue based contact list export
  • A/B testing for unique records
  • Display currently running threads
  • Hourly limits perfection for multiple cases
  • Editing user/admin password mandatory check removed
  • PowerMTA DNS copy function fixed
  • Side menu added to the user session
  • Drip campaign copy as text fixed
  • Drip campaign send preview fixed for Sendgrid
  • Reset password page design fix
  • Statistics page character limit
  • Copy a bigger list along with contacts
  • Split a bigger list into parts
  • Broadcast stats export fixed for all fields
  • Null ip processing issue for ip2location fixed
  • Image library structured
  • Missing .htaccess file auto-creation
  • Global support for all languages added in broadcasts
  • Adding a new contact with birth date fixed
  • Editing webform error fixed
5.1.041 (27/06/2020)
  • Enhancement in campaign preparation process
  • Certain changes in statistics logs
  • Updates in Contacts Controller
  • Scroll fixed for changelog
  • Update process for SaaS edition
  • Certain enhancements in drip start
5.1.04 (25/06/2020)
  • Callback and maintenance cron added to cron settings and cron status pages
  • Domain name added to subscribers table for fast segmentation and fast suppression
  • Delete campaign logs after X number of days
  • Adding/editing a broadcast -> Copy as text function optimized
  • List-Unsubscribe header options added while scheduling
  • Scheduling to 0 contacts warning
  • Cosmetic tweaks for MAC screens
  • Segmentation based on statistics -> hide soft-deleted lists
  • Dashboard counters shortened
  • PowerMTA server view page tweaks
  • Pausing a campaign during preparation handling
  • Domain field added in campaign logs for fast segment processing
  • Branding elements added at several locations in the application
  • Help tooltips added at several locations
  • Several queries optimized for fast processing
  • Click tracking changed to file-based
  • Auto-update server IP and domain name upon migration
  • Advanced debug logs for SMTP connections
  • Intellectual methodology for tracking domain selection added
5.1.032 (17/06/2020)
  • Laravel Packages Updated
5.1.031 (15/06/2020)
  • Updated installer.sql file
  • Optimized query for the sidebar user credits to enhance processing speed
  • Several queries optimization
  • Click tracking shifted to file-based from Database
  • Auto-fetch IP/Domain on Licensing page (useful upon Mumara migration)
  • Launched Mumara bash installer for CentOS 7
5.1.03 (12/06/2020)
  • Drag and Drop builder block for hyperlinks (Addon Required)
  • Drag and Drop builder toolbar (Addon Required)
  • Update process optimization
  • The intellectual pattern for tracking domain selection
  • Help notice upon tracking domain failure
  • Default status set to on upon adding new sending nodes
  • Cosmetic changes on add sending node page
  • Spam complaints processing - Amazon SES case
  • SMTP import enhancement and fixes
  • Global email header/footer added in application settings
  • Full width for sending domain page
  • List-unsubscribe header handling
  • Trigger stats small fixes for drip case
  • Different tracking domain selection in sending node
  • Dashboard counter small fixes
  • Text content added for drips
  • Content for test sending nodes changed
  • Sending Nodes page cosmetic changes for empty blocks
  • Allow users to add duplicate sending domains
  • Countdown added for scheduled broadcasts
  • Export clicks on statistics page fixed
  • Class for testing sending nodes for all ESPs changed
  • Editing drip group small fixes
  • Handling of the update process when the database password contains an equal character (=)
  • Dashboard stats handling according to the user timezone
  • From email disappears while editing PostMark sending node - Fixed
  • View Callback logs error fixed when there is no log
  • Drag and Drop editor embedding optimization
  • Testing messages removed from debug logs
  • API token layout enhancement
  • PHP extension fileinfo dependency added on the contacts import page
  • All APIs updated and tested for all ESPs
  • All callbacks updated and tested for all ESPs
5.1.021 (05/06/2020)
  • HTML body tag placement - drag and drop editor
  • php-filinfo dependency check during contacts import
  • API Tokens page layout fix for all dimensions
  • Edit API tokens
  • Countdown on scheduled page
5.1.02 (04/06/2020)
  • Branded favicon
  • Drag and Drop Sections Added
  • PowerMTA logo on addon association
  • PowerMTA server setup fixes
  • Add a contact page design tweaks
  • Help buttons added for all pages
  • Validation fix for add sending domain page
  • HTTPS SSL fix for the update server
  • Zipper class updated for zip export
  • Duplicate a list for the user account
  • Mailjet webhooks updated
  • Edit hourly speed of a paused campaign
  • IP addresses and subnets restriction for API Keys
  • Development mode alert
  • Contact list bulk actions permission fixed
  • Delete a contact list group in treeview
  • Content changed for the test email of sending node connection check
  • Empty folder path fixed while updating using FTP method
  • Changes in SQL file for new installations
  • Statistics datatable warning fixed for clicked tab
  • Drip test preview fixed for embedded images
  • Deleting multiple lists on backend
  • Application default timezone set to superadmin timezone during installation
  • Small fixes for restoration point
  • Breadcrumbs fixed throughout the application
  • Statistics sorting for logs tab by creation date in descending order
  • Moving list to another group in treeview
  • Licensing enhancement
  • Drag and Drop removes selected group fixed
  • Adding a group in sending node displays previously deleted groups - fixed
  • Issues tab disappears when there is no opened issue
  • Click tracking added for the Text version of the email
  • Installation path auto-detection during installation and update
  • File attachment with broadcast for XLS/CSV
  • Editing a split test fixed
  • Tick added for the connected sending nodes on the dashboard
5.1.01 (29/05/2020)
  • Drag n Drop editor enhancements
  • User case view contacts for a list
  • Tracking links alt tag
  • Creat broadcast alert notification timer
  • Segmentation enhancement for multiple filters
  • View segment in the user case
  • Application timezone set upon new installation
  • Recount contacts removed on every page load
  • Contacts increment/decrement realtime calculation upon add/delete/import
  • HTML parse in drips
  • Debug mode and Development mode added
  • Custom branding added on update pages
  • Default statuses set to action upon adding new assets e.g triggers, drips, nodes
  • Sending domain DNS recheck button functionality enhanced
  • Custom Fields kept assigned upon deleting a contact list
  • Number of users on dashboard fixed upon new installation
  • Bounce rules reset to default button added
  • PowerMTA server edit page fixed
  • A Trigger criteria fixed
5.1.0 (23/05/2020)
  • Application speed enhanced
  • Navigation speed enhanced
  • CSS updated
  • Rocket import updated
  • Superfast contacts import
  • Import process UI enhanced
  • Import in chunks
  • Import custom fields in Rocket mode
  • File upload live progress
  • Overwrite existing contacts
  • Update existing contacts
  • Cancel import
  • Admin side filters added on view pages
  • Install process enhanced
  • Update process enhanced
  • Staff roles enhancement
  • Editing user assets alerts
  • New and Advanced Drag & Drop Editor (Addon Required)
  • Ready to go templates
  • Pre-designed HTML modules
  • Responsive templates
  • API roles enhanced
  • Updated to Laravel 6
  • User interface updated
  • Screen dimensions updated
  • Segments based on radio options
  • Dashboard updated
  • Notifications enhancement
  • Initial steps added for users
  • Drip page JS issue fixed
  • Date picker for date-based custom field
  • Modal box fixes
  • Language hierarchy enhancement
  • Copy options will create duplicate copies under the actual owner
  • Feedback Loops ACL fixes
5.0.58 (23/05/2020)
  • Changed update process
  • Changed installation process
  • FTP/SFTP methods added for the update
5.0.57 (11/05/2020)
  • Segment fix for admin side
5.0.56 (08/05/2020)
  • Multithreading enhancement
  • Drip Groups ACL
  • Segment Filters
5.0.55 (01/05/2020)
  • PowerMTA integration fixes
5.0.54 (21/04/2020)
  • Segmentation enhanced and filters added
  • API ACL fixes
  • Trigger fixes on a certain criteria
5.0.53 (26/03/2020)
  • Drip Preview
  • PMTA Field Checks Fixed
  • Create Restore Point
  • IP Suppression Field validation added
  • Email suppression reference links added
  • Default number of records per view
  • CSS Optimized
  • Emoji in broadcast updated
  • Bounce rules updated
  • Multilingual functionality data-tables
  • Test connection in sending nodes fixed
  • List-Unsubscribe header added in schedule campaign
  • Campaign Resume/Pause for hourly limit fixed
  • Confirm link added for regular broadcasts and triggers
5.0.52 (17/03/2020)
  • Dashboard Stats Enhanced
  • Sending with Multiple Threads Optimized
  • Live Countdown on Schedule Campaign
  • Campaign Schedule to Send Later
  • Import Speed Optimized
  • Bounce Processing with PMTA enhanced
  • Mail Settings Updated
  • Authentication Logs Added
  • Emoji in Broadcast Subject Fixed
5.0.51 (06/03/2020)
  • Rocket Import enhancement to import custom fields
  • Import process pptimized
  • PMTA config enhancement
  • Double Opt-In fixed in web form
  • ESP callbacks file log updated
  • Idle session timeout updates
  • Webeditor fixes for images
5.0.50 (27/02/2020)
  • ESP Callbacks cron-based processing added
  • Idle session timeout forcible redirect
  • View segment criteria added
  • Rocket import enhanced
  • PMTA config updated
  • Tracking domain protocol fixed
  • Tracking domain htaccess selection
  • User-side dashboard enhanced
  • Hard and Soft list delete
5.0.49 (17/02/2020)
  • View contacts datatable warning fixed upon sorting
  • A Syntax error fixed for SMTP case
  • Security alerts added
  • Amazon Callbacks Upgraded
  • Logs View Updated
  • Enable/Disable Debug Mode
  • Error Reporting Levels
5.0.48 (14/02/2020)
  • Web version link updated
  • Added exceptions into Issues
  • Text Version Added
5.0.47 (12/02/2020)
  • ESP Delivery Report Optimization
  • Domain Suppression Fixes
  • Sending Process Optimized
  • PMTA Bounce Processing Enhancement
  • ESP Callback Logs
  • Debug Logs
  • Log Settings Added
  • Idle Session Timeout
  • Log Settings Added
5.0.46 (29/01/2020)
  • Import Process Optimized and Updated
  • IP Restriction
  • ACL Fixes
  • Hard and Soft List Deletion
  • API Fixes
5.0.45 (17/01/2020)
  • Contacts Import Enhaned
  • Gmail Sending Node Fixes
  • Dashboard Sending Stats Updated
  • Dashboard Top Domains Optimized
  • Certain Import fixes in user panel
  • Webhooks Updated for all Sending Nodes
  • POP/IMAP Bounce Processing Enhanced
  • Drag and Drop Sorting in Bounce Rules Fixed
  • User Side Optimization
  • Optimized Processing time in User Account
  • Drag and Drop Builder Uploaded Images Fixed
  • Drag and Drop Builder Hyperlinks Updated
  • API Fixes
  • Additional and Global Custom headers Updated
  • Sending Node Required/Additional Parameters for Triggers
  • PMTA config webmonitor verification
  • End-User Character Issue Fixed
  • Certain UI/UX Changes
5.0.44 (26/12/2019)
  • Language file formatted
  • Extra CSS and JS removed
  • All Sending Nodes Webhooks Updated
  • Amazon SES Updated
  • User Roles Enhanced
  • Feedback Loops Added
  • Two Factor Authentication Added
5.0.43 (06/12/2019)
  • Bulk Contacts Update Fixes
  • Text Version of Email added in additional to HTML
  • Rocket Import Feature Added
  • MySQL Port Issue while Installation
  • Segment Export - User Side
  • Trash all for Exported Lists
  • Copy a List with Contacts in Background
  • Logs Sort Order by Date Fixed
  • Color Palette in Template Editor
  • Multithreading Enhancement
  • List View in User Side Changes
5.0.42 (21/11/2019)
  • PowerMTA Integration Enhancement
  • Userside Dashboard Stats
  • Trash Records for Exported Files
  • Sending Domain DNS Valiation Enhancement
  • Webview Enhancement
5.0.40 (08/11/2019)
  • PowerMTA XML Integration
  • Support for v5
  • PowerMTA DKIM Custom Fallback Domain
  • PopwerMTA Custom SMTP Hostname
  • Domain Key Size
  • DKIM Signing from Mumara fixed with custom headers
5.0.39 (05/11/2019)
  • Amazon SES Bounce Processing Tweaks
  • PowerMTA Integration Edit Credentials
  • Statistics updated
  • Segments fixes
  • Cosmetic Chanegs
5.0.38 (01/11/2019)
  • HTTPS fixed for all internal links
  • Country mapping fixed
  • Segmentation certain rules fixed
  • Dynamic tags enhancement
  • Contact lists filter by user
  • Drip stats certain fixes
  • Report a bug button fixed
  • BaseURL added for JS
  • Dashboard stats certain fixes
  • Regenerate option added for domain keys
  • Certain cosmetic changes
5.0.37 (25/10/2019)
  • DKIM Enabe/Disable
  • Sign Outgoing Emails
  • SMTP connection close after batch processing
  • Authentication rechek tweaked
  • Email builder cosmetic changes
5.0.36 (16/10/2019)
  • DKIM Signature Added
  • Sending domain deletion enhanced
  • SMTP Import
  • Certain database changes
5.0.35 (11/10/2019)
  • UTF-8 Encoding Fixed
  • Custom CSS Added
  • Contacts country column fixed
  • Certain toaster messages fixed
5.0.34 (08/10/2019)
  • Import page UI changes
  • Running threads optimization
  • Custom field issues fixed
  • Copy/paste import fixed
  • Email suppression tweaked
  • Contacts import validation
  • Certain fixes in source email codes
  • Certain redirection fixes in user side
  • Gmail Sending Node additional settings fixed
  • Dashboard map fixed
  • Opened by country fixed in segmentation
  • HTTPS protocol added
  • Duplicate custom field fixed
5.0.33 (04/10/2019)
  • Override certain date while importing contacts
  • Removed unnecessary AJAX calls
  • Update process optimized
  • Licensing optimization
  • Cosmetic changes
  • PMTA issues fixed
  • Statistics page UI changes
  • Date fields validation added
5.0.32 (01/10/2019)
  • Invalid files validation on import
  • Amazon sending node updated
  • Drip add functionality tweaked
  • Statistics fixes
  • Reply-to field fixed for custom sender-id
  • Sendgrid API updated
  • Segment sending certain issues fixed
  • Hourly rate optimized
5.0.31 (29/09/2019)
  • JS plugins updated
  • Branding fixed
  • Laravel composer updated
  • Trigger routes updated
  • Imported files deletion
  • DKIM issues fixed
  • Domain masking optimization
  • Flash messages fixed
5.0.30 (25/09/2019)
  • Custom fields dropdown fixed on broadcast page
  • Unnecessary assets removed
  • Webview fixed
  • Login page style fixed
  • Branding page cosmetic changes
  • Triggers statistics optimized
  • Language file hierarchy optimized
  • Switch fixed on broadcast scheduling
5.0.29 (22/09/2019)
  • Drip group UI filters functionality added
  • PMTA IPs pool fixed
  • Webview for drips fixed
  • Certain bugs on create segments fixed
  • Checkboxes selection fixed globally
  • IP suppression bug fixes
  • User-side fixes for contact list actions button
  • UI responsive fixes
  • Spintags ACL fixed
5.0.28 (18/09/2019)
  • Redirection fixed on package creation
  • Tracking domain verification tweaked
  • Auto-mapping added while importing contacts
  • Branding hide from user side
  • Global header fixes
  • Certain db changes
  • Feedback loop updated
  • Webform actions button fixed
  • Certain fixed in user roles
  • User side tree view for contact lists fixed
  • Bounce rules optimization
5.0.27 (15/09/2019)
  • Sending nodes process delivery reports fixes
  • Dynamic content tags updated
  • FBL Settings updated
  • PMTA dynamic SSH port
  • List import country mapping fixed
  • HTML structure spacing removed
  • Drip group enable/disable switch fixed
  • Preview broadcast fixes
5.0.26 (12/09/2019)
  • Cosmetic changes on broadcast scheduling page
  • Dynamic tags dropdown options optimized
  • UI responsiveness on triggers and bounce rules
  • Contact-ID variable added
  • Timezone on statistics summary page fixed
  • Other cosmetic changes
5.0.25 (02/09/2019)
  • Event processes queries optimized
  • Syntax errors fixed
  • Trigger stats tweaked
  • Multithreading certain fixes
  • Changes made in sending process
  • Fixes made in contacts import
  • Staff side issues fixed
  • Certain cosmetic changes
5.0.24 (27/08/2019)
  • Trigger fixes
  • Date field fixed for contact import
  • Certain fixes in callbacks
5.0.23 (23/08/2019)
  • Field mapping during import
  • Modules privileges
  • ESPs integration error handling
  • Timezone fixed
  • Date fields fixed
  • Other bugs fixed
5.0.22 (18/08/2019)
  • Custom branding fixes
  • Schedule broadcast for later fixed
  • Cosmetic changes
  • Fixes in bounce handling
  • DB version change
  • IMAP extension check
  • Secure URL option added
  • Other bugs fixed
5.0.21 (11/08/2019)
  • MySQL custom port
  • Added multithreading on contacts import
  • Cosmetic changes
  • Extra assets removed
  • Postmark issues fixed
  • Smtp2go issues fixed
  • Other bugs fixed
5.0.1 (03/08/2019)
  • Cron issue fixed
  • Certain changes in sending domains section
  • HTML special character issue fixed
  • User limits fixed
  • Cosmetic changes
  • Segments optimization
  • Client roles ACL updated
  • User roles ACL updated
  • Custom fields optimized
  • License attributes fixed
  • Import contacts list progress bar fixed
  • Sparkpost issues resolved
  • Sendgrid issues resolved
  • Mailjet issues resolved
  • Webview link fixed
  • Webform changes
  • Send email preview optimized
  • Ckfinder issue fixed
  • Language file optimized
  • Custom bounce reasons module development
  • Bounce reasons mapping added
  • Fixed installation errors
  • Optimized application speed
  • Added PHPMailer
  • Added dependency checks
  • Backend form validation
  • Dynamic menu
  • Trigger edit view fixed
  • Send broadcast exceptions added
  • Trigger cron time fixed
  • Other bugs fixed and features added
5.0.0 (25/07/2019)
  • Theme updated to latest
  • Triggers added
  • Trigger Stats added
  • Drip Campaigns added
  • Dynamic content tags added
  • Design optimization
  • Drag and Drop builder fixes
  • Inline dynamic tags added
  • API development
4.4.9 (29/04/2019)
  • Campaigns Limit Fixed
  • Added a feature 'system paused'
  • Added a feature to auto active smpts if in-activated for some reason
4.4.8 (19/04/2019)
  • Action Button for Verify Domain Masking Fixed
  • Import Contacts bug fixed,
  • Dashboard Stats for current Month fixed
  • Default time Updated
  • UI/UX fixed
4.4.7 (18/04/2019)
  • Added multi threading for campaigns
  • Segmentation fixed,
  • Sequential or Random smtp sending for campaigns
  • UI/UX fixed (12/02/2019)
  • Download sending domian keys fixed (01/02/2019)
  • PMTA issues fixed
  • Updated help issues (29/01/2019)
  • Forgot password fixed
  • Campaign Builder preview fixed
  • License verification changes udpated (23/01/2019)
  • Not to process bounces from AWS Ses, SendGrid, Mailgun, feature added
  • Added feature to proceed without adding the smpt info for bounces
  • Webform unsubscribe link issue Fixed
  • Addon issues bug fixed (15/01/2019)
  • Segmentation issues Fixed
  • Detailed statistics updated (09/01/2019)
  • PMTA selector issues fixed
  • Bounce processing stats fixed
  • Cyrillic symbols, which were not working in email subjects of the drip campaigns bug fixed
  • Drip preview issue fixed
  • Callback changes for third parties updated
  • Layout updation for setup sending nodes
  • Updated Mumara help steps (03/01/2019)
  • Tree view fixed
  • Added help for sending nodes (02/01/2019)
  • Added sending nodes, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Aol, etc
  • Selfhosted issues fixed
  • Web-form issues fixed
4.3.9 (19/12/2018)
  • Campaign preview can be send without subscriber id
  • Import issues fixed
  • Quick domain verification fixed
4.3.8 (12/12/2018)
  • Campaign default thread changes for statistics page fixed
  • Primary Domain compulsory for PowerMTA
  • License validation udpated
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Sep 28, 2020
Good stuff lately.

I'm having a hard times updating from to 5.1.27. I'm always stuck at "Updating Database" which doesn't just gimme validation and the update fails. On top right corner I'm getting a "file not foundsuccess" error message as in the screenshot below.


@wasif any fix or idea for why this is happening? Thanks mate!


Staff member
Apr 9, 2019
It seems like Mumara doesn't have access to write into the folder where Mumara is installed. If you are using FTP/SFTP method then make sure this user has writable permissions for this folder. And if you are using None method then make sure your PHP has exec, shell_exec enabled. Otherwise, create a dummy file "migrations.json" in the root folder where Mumara is installed and give it 777 permissions, and then try to update again. Let me know if it works.


Sep 28, 2020
It seems like Mumara doesn't have access to write into the folder where Mumara is installed. If you are using FTP/SFTP method then make sure this user has writable permissions for this folder. And if you are using None method then make sure your PHP has exec, shell_exec enabled. Otherwise, create a dummy file "migrations.json" in the root folder where Mumara is installed and give it 777 permissions, and then try to update again. Let me know if it works.

Hi @wasif

Got this fixed the same day, thanks for the help though. The issue was database related. As I went to "DB Check" on Mumara I couldn't do a DB Check anymore, there was just a note sign of new version being available.

So (on my setup) I went to cPanel (of Mumara installation) -> MySQL Databases -> Chehck Database -- after the run --> Repair Database

Annoying problem to handle and figure out first but the outcome to solve the issue was pretty easy operation in the end. Odd though that DB Check just gave the new version notification instead of letting for Mumara to try Database check / repair.

Anyway issue solved with the above on my setup, thanks plenty though for help once again! :) Hopefully this could be in help if anyone else runs in to a similiar issue with update(s).
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Sep 28, 2020
Hi @wasif

In case anyone else has this problem, I posted a video on Youtube of my current issue with sending / scheluding sendings problem / bug for Wasif my man to check out. Maybe easier to understand it from video.

Appreciate any suggestions to fix the problem or Wasif to bugfix it (gimme a ping on Skype if you need debugging reports).
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Staff member
Apr 9, 2019
@peljuu Thank you for sharing the video and exploring an issue. But it doesn't seem to be an issue with Mumara, more like an issue with the cron. Can you navigate to Tools -> Cron status and see when was the last cron ran for email sending? Also if you are using a shared server or cloudlinux, make sure you are allowed to schedule a cron for every minute? Seems like your cron isn't running every minute. Otherwise, SSH to your server, navigate to the Mumara directory and run this command twice to see if it starts

php artisan schedule:run

If it works, then the issue is with the cron setup in your server.


Sep 28, 2020
@peljuu Thank you for sharing the video and exploring an issue. But it doesn't seem to be an issue with Mumara, more like an issue with the cron. Can you navigate to Tools -> Cron status and see when was the last cron ran for email sending? Also if you are using a shared server or cloudlinux, make sure you are allowed to schedule a cron for every minute? Seems like your cron isn't running every minute. Otherwise, SSH to your server, navigate to the Mumara directory and run this command twice to see if it starts

php artisan schedule:run

If it works, then the issue is with the cron setup in your server.


Thanks but I already checked the cron for any issues few days back because I got the same idea if there is an issue with cron. But there isn't, cron is working fine.



Sep 28, 2020


Sep 28, 2020


Staff member
Apr 9, 2019
@peljuu so it worked via command line?


Sep 28, 2020
@wasif Yes the command worked fine as you can see on the screenshots but it didn't start executing even with manually issuing the command. I've had the 33% success now to scheluded campaigns to run or delete -> run -> repeat 'til it executes and it's been very annoying.. but I think you're very correct with the problem being in cron!

As seen in the post #7 screenshot the cron status is ok says Mumara, but when taking a look closer to the cron status it says every 0 minutes:


So the manual cron run didn't work for executing failed sending. But it works sometimes, as said and as in the video around 1/3 of the time. Now noticing this, I went to WHM and to cPanel of my Mumara installation and noticed I've got two cron commands issued there:

I don't know why, but it might be becuse of PHP version change or plain long term update on Mumara, it's been so long road I can't remember. I'll try to delete the below cron job now. Might have also been because I think I switched from CageFS -> not CageFS and back or something when I've been tweaking around with setups. So the below cron job is now deleted and I checked that the command given by Mumara works properly from the public_html (docroot of Mumara).

My memorybank doesn't ring a bell for why having two cron jobs but it seems to point out for php execute dir. Odd thing is that this problem only started as said like week ago or something even though I haven't touched the cron jobs in months. So both commands have been there anyway for much longer than the problem started.

I'll run few campaigns and let you know if that was the issue and if it was fixed by that!! :) Thanks for already originally pointing out to cron even if it seemed fine on Mumara - it's all not always that clear anyway.

Off to send some emails, hopefully they'll "execute" (which you have chosen a nice word btw hehe). :) 👍


Sep 28, 2020
Still having some issues, thought found an odd manual fix for it which doesn't include cron from command line. A bit busy at the moment so I'll write or do a screen recording and post it here later on! :) Still bugging though @wasif


Staff member
Apr 9, 2019
Here, will stand by!


Mar 20, 2021
@wasif it doesn't look like you've been keeping this changelog updated. Looks like the latest version is 6.3.01 correct? Can you add the changelog?
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