Mumara Campaigns v5.1 Launching Soon!


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Apr 9, 2019
Mumara Campaigns v5.1 is on its way

Dear Clients, you'll be happy to know that we have optimized Mumara Campaigns significantly and the highly optimized version is on its way.

Want to know what's new in it...?

Fast Navigation
We have worked hard to make the application navigate fast. For this, we had to redo several queries and codes to eat fewer resources and loads the interface fast.

Rocket Import
I am sure, several clients had loved the way how Mumara Classic edition imports. We have optimized the rocket import speed and stability to an amazing level of development. Things to be noticed in Rocket Import are
  • Super Fast Import (tested @100,000/s on an average server)
  • Enhanced UI
  • Import in chunks (doesn't eat your server resources)
  • Edit chunk size according to your server specs
  • Custom Fields Import
  • File Upload Progress
  • Overwrite Existing Contacts
  • Update Existing Contacts (for regular import)
  • Cancel Import at any point
Video Test on a shared hosting plan:

Admin Side Filters

On all views pages, now you can filter the records that belong to a specific user or added specific admins. For example, if you have several users and they have several lists, the contact lists page data was mixed up and hard to categorize. This edition will make it super easy for you to differentiate between data owners. These filters have been added on all pages throughout the application.


Install/Update Process
Install and update process has been tweaked and enhanced to work with FTP and SFTP. We had been noticing that several clients were unable to use the built-in update feature to update Mumara as per their server restrictions. Below are the major tweaks done
  • Added FTP/FTPS Protocols
  • Detect Installation Path Automatically
  • Fix files/folders Permissions Automatically
  • Create a Restoration Point
  • Update Flow has Changed (instead of extracting into the root directory, it extracts the files into a staging directory and copy the files from it)
Staff Roles Enhancement
Staff roles have been enhanced and child-level permissions have been added. The staff has global access to the data that if the permission is assigned. Super-administrators have uneditable full access to the data globally and to all operations.

Admin vs User Assets
Now there is a differentiation between admin and user assets in terms of view and assignment. When admin adds a list, or segment, or anything, he'll not be able to assign a user's assets to it. It will minimize the mistakes being done by the admins.

Editing User Assets
While editing a user's asset e.g. contact list, dynamic tag, trigger, etc, an admin will not be able to attach any other user's asset or admin-level asset to them. Mumara will just display the asset that belongs to the user you're editing for.

New Advanced Drag & Drop Newsletter Editor (Addon Required)
We have added a super-advanced and user-friendly drag & drop HTML newsletter builder that would help you design your beautiful newsletters using our pre-designed templates and modules.


  • Very Easy and User-Friendly
  • Pixel to PIxel Editing Option
  • Ready to Go Templates
  • Pre-designed HTML Modules
  • Source Editing
  • Inline Image Uploading
  • Image resizing
  • Fully Responsive
  • Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Viewing Options
  • Spintags, System Variables, and Dynamic Content Tags Compatibility
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Export Option

API Roles
API roles have been enhanced and child-level permissions have been added.
  • Create API Roles
  • Create Multiples API keys and Assign API Role(s)
  • Only the Members of Super Administrator Group can add API Keys
  • Restrict the API Key to an IP or Multiple IPs or Subnet
  • Control API Permissions up to Child-level
  • See Last-access date
  • API Documentation Updated
API Documentation:

Other Important Updates/Fixes:
  • Updated to Laravel 6
  • User Interface Updated
  • Screen Dimensions Updated According to Different Sizes
  • Segment on Radio Options
  • Dashboard Updated
  • Notifications Enhancement
  • Initial Steps Added for Users
  • Drip Page JS Issue fixed
  • Date Picker for Date-based Custom Field
  • Modal Box Fixes
  • Language Enhancement
  • Copy Options Will Create Duplicate Copies Under Actual Owner
  • Feedback Loops ACL Fixes
And more!

So stay yourself updated and keep an eye on the new version release.
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Oct 11, 2019
Hi Wasif, this update sounds incredible and the new editor looks amazing! I can't wait for the release!!!

Thank you and the Mumara team for all the efforts to make such an awesome product!



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Apr 9, 2019
Just in the process of preparing the final build. A lot of work is under progress to wrap it up!