PowerMTA custom config to work with Mumara Campaigns


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Apr 9, 2019
A few clients recently questioned that they have used their own PMTA config but Mumara has stopped processing the delivery reports from PMTA accounting files. So here I'll let you know how can you debug and what things are important to keep in mind

1- Check if Mumara server has admin access to your PowerMTA web monitor. If not then insert the following line to the pmta config and reload pmta

http-access 123.123.123 admin #where 123.123.123 is your Mumara server IP

2- For PowerMTA version 5.x or higher, the default webmonitor has been set to use https instead of http and in a lot of clients, clients don't have SSL installed on pmta webmonitor URL and Mumara keep failing SSL certification. So adding the below line to your pmta config may resolve this issue

http-redirect-to-https false

3- Check if the following directives are included in your pmta config file

In <source 0/0> directive

process-x-job true process-x-envid true

In <acct-file> directive "record-fields" should be this at the end separated by a comma


4- In Mumara, go to Sending Nodes, click on Servers tab and then Edit Configuration to see if you have set the protocol to HTTPS. Change it to HTTP if it doesn't work.

5- If all of the above steps don't work, do put the following line in your <source 0/0> directive

jobid-header Message-ID

# Although this method has been obsoleted in newer versions of Mumara Campaigns.

Thank You
Wasif Ahmad
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