Scheduling multiple campaigns with multiple sending nodes


Jun 16, 2020
Hi Wasif,

While scheduling the campaign can we select multiple campaigns & sending nodes at a time on a contact list?
How email sending will work in this scenario? Will it rotate the content & sending nodes?
Please explain in detail.

Thank you


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Apr 9, 2019
Yes, you have an option to select Multiple Broadcast, multiple sending domains, multiple contact lists for a single campaign. This is how Mumara will handle

- It will count all contacts within the selected contact lists and split into equal chunks as per your number of threads. e.g. if you scheduled using 10 threads and a total of 100,000 cumulative contacts, it will make 10 parts of 10,000 each.
- It will fetch the batch size from the application settings e.g. let's support it's 10
- It will open 10 parallel connections for every individual thread
- Every thread will establish a parallel connection with the first sending node and will send 10 emails each to the first 10 contacts of their own chunks while rotating the broadcast on every send-out.
- If you have set the sequential selection of the sending nodes while scheduling process, every thread will select the sending nodes in sequential order i.e. first sending node will send 10 x 10 = 100 emails before it will be switched to next. So when the campaign ends, the distribution of emails over sending nodes will be equal.
- If you have set the random selected of the sending nodes while scheduling process, every thread will select the sending nodes randomly, resulting in more distribution in the start. So hen the campaign ends, it's not mandatory that the distribution of the emails over sending nodes will be perfect or equal.

Point 1: So keep in mind that more threads and bigger batch sizes will put more load of single sending node before it's switched to next one.
Point 2: If you select the loop method while scheduling the campaign, it will override the batch size to 1.
Point 3: If any of the sending nodes fail during a running broadcast, Mumara sets it as "Auto Inactive" and it gets out of the sending loop. Then we have settings for it in the Application Settings, that rechecks the connection for "auto inactive" sending nodes every 30 minutes for the next 24 hours (you can change these values in settings). If the "auto inactive" sending nodes successfully re-establishes the connection, it gets a part of the sending process once again for the running campaigns in which it was selected.
Point 4: If all of the sending nodes lost connection during a running campaign, all of the sending nodes get Auto Inactive and the campaign gets system-paused. Mumara keeps trying to re-establish a connection with the Auto Inactive in the background as per the set values. If any of the Sending Node gives a green signal, the system-paused campaign gets auto resumed. NOTE: you can always enable disable these settings and also can change the duration according to you.
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