updating bounces status for subscribers.


Nov 18, 2019
When I analysed the statistics of campaigns, I noticed some inconsistencies for bounces.
For example:

"Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable".

Mumara defined it as soft bounce, then I don't agree with it, I assume it's a hard bounce.
I make (or change existing) bounce rule, but then this bounce rule will be active only for next campaigns.

Consequently the status of many subscribers will not be correct.
But if I want to change the Hard status on the SOFT or vice versa, then I must add a rule, then delete these emails from the Mumara, and then download the base to Mumara again and then send the rules to work.

Is it possible to update these all subscribers in Mumara?
Or it's possible run a Mysql query and update these all subscribers?

How can I do?

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Aug 31, 2020
There are two methods to update the bounce status

1- You can export the bounced contact from statistic->Broadcast Stats then in broadcast detail there is an "export option", here is our official documentation link "https://support.mumara.com/help-center/articles/1/13/41/broadcast-stats#export-options" for the export option. Then you can bulk update the list in Contacts->Bulk Update in Action select "update to hard bounce", this will update the bounce status from soft to hard.

2- You can run the SQL query, it will update the status of a specific list
UPDATE `subscribers` SET bounced= "hard" WHERE list_id = list_id AND bounced = "soft"