When Important Contacts Choose to Add to Drips Or Not and to update existing or not


Mar 20, 2021
Need a feature where, when importing contacts from a file I can choose to have those new contacts added to autoresponders or not.

Also would be nice to have an option to import contacts and update existing contacts. For example, sometimes I may have a list of contacts that includes greater detail (custom fields) than previously and I want to import those and update any existing contacts by adding any missing custom fields to their contact record.
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Apr 9, 2019
1. Autoresponders are initiated by the triggers and there is no relation between AR/Drips and the contacts. But we can say there is a relation between the triggers and the contacts. But still, they are independent of each other. If you want new contacts not to be acted by triggers, you can import them by overriding the creation date to an older date to disqualify triggers criteria.

2. We already have this option. When you upload a list, it asks what to do with the duplicates i.e. skip, update, overwrite. So here you need -> Update.