Where to setup DKIM on rapidfire or mailgun? why do they overlap?


Oct 7, 2019
Hello, since there is no manual for RapidFire, I want to ask a question here:
1. When I adding sending domains, I have to setup DNS records, which I do, I can't make verified domain for some reason.
2. Then I decided to complete installation of mailgun and they are also asking for DKIM which is overlap the DKIM of RapidFire, how to setup it properly so they don't overlap each other and do not conflict, please help!


Staff member
Apr 9, 2019
Let me explain!

If you generate DKIM from Mumara/Rapidfire, it generate a key pair for you i.e public key + private key. Public key you have to insert into your domain's DNS and private key Mumara stores inside itself and signs your outgoing emails itself using the private key. But if you are using an ESP, they sign the messages using their own private keys and in this case your DKIM will coincide. So you may need to turn off signing from one location. ESP may not allow you to disable signing so you can turn off the "Enable DKIM" switch so Mumara will not sign the outgoing emails.