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    Trigger - Remove Contact from Other List

    I need to have a trigger that removes a contact from list B when it is added to list A. I don't see any current way to do that.
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    Delete Contact by Email From Specific List by API

    Right now you can delete a contact via the API either by using the contact ID or by email address. However, when removing by email address you can either remove them from ALL lists they are on, or just from the first list (I assume by list id?). I need to delete the contact from a specific list...
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    Mumara Campaigns (Changelog)

    @wasif it doesn't look like you've been keeping this changelog updated. Looks like the latest version is 6.3.01 correct? Can you add the changelog?
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    AdButler integration

    Looks like using %%contact_id%% is working well. Thank you!
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    AdButler integration

    I use Adbutler for my display ad server. Adbutler has the ability to create an "ad zone" inside an email template. In order to do so I need to designate a "Email User ID Macro" or (EUID) from the email software service/solution. In this case, Mumara. Here is a tutorial from the Adbutler...
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    Add UTM Parameters to All Links in Broadcast

    I would like the ability when sending a campaign to input UTM parameters to be automatically tagged onto the end of all links in that broadcast. Parameters should include: Source: Medium: Keyword: Content: Campaign: So for example lets suppose inside one of my broadcasts is the link...
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    Excluding Contacts - IMPORTANT

    Thank you for the screenshot. I was trying to add more lines of criteria and couldn't. Failed to see you can select multiple lists. Great work.
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    Excluding Contacts - IMPORTANT

    In V 5.1.33 this feature is greatly improved. I still would prefer if I could exclude list(s) during the sending process but the current advanced criteria segment options are a good start. The next evolution of this would be to allow the excluding of multiple lists. Right now that isn't an...
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    Trigger Event Criteria - Date Field

    Thank you for clarifying. This is helpful and I've figured out how to make this work. I do think it would be nice for the dev pipeline to add a trigger based on date field.
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    Dynamic Content Tags With Multiple Content Block Options

    I understand this feature exists in Classic edition but not yet in Campaigns+. This feature is important. Currently I can only create a single variable for Dynamic Content Tags. Either A or B based on filter criteria. I need to have multiple tag options. If A then B, but if C then D, but if...
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    Excluding Contacts - IMPORTANT

    Revisiting this. In V 5.3 Beta a method has been added to achieve this but it needs some work. Right now to exclude a list one creates a segment based on contact lists and then uses advanced criteria to create a segment that includes contacts found on list A but not contacts found on list B...
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    RSS Feed to Email

    A quick note here. Google's Feedburner has announced it is shutting down soon. A lot of people were using that tool over the last 20 years so customers will be looking for a replacement that is easy to use in terms of RSS feeds to email notificaitons
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    Trigger Event Criteria - Date Field

    When creating a trigger there is currently not an option to use a date field as the event criteria. This is a critical need for me in my business and something I used a lot in my previous platform. IE: When the date in %Date_Field% is reached, fire the trigger.
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    Segment Filter Criteria AND or OR

    When I build a segment I have the option to add various filtering criteria. If I add more than one is Mumara using AND or OR logic? I think it would be a nice feature to specify if I want to do AND or OR logic.
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    RSS Feed to Email

    I would like a feature that allows me to parse a RSS Feed into emails automatically. So for example I could configure a "RSS Campaign" to check a RSS Feed regularly and then if new feed items are identified, parse those into an email and send it to a designated list.